SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Long Hair Colors

When Seventeen first came out into the Kpop scene, there were about 5 members that the public could actually recognize. Vernon, Seungkwan, Woozi, Mingyu, and Jeonghan. Out of all of the members, Jeonghan was probably the most popular at the time. It’s pretty clear that his long, flowing hair was the envy of every fangirl in the world. We couldn’t help but turn our heads in his direction! He’s already cut his long locks off back in 2016 for “Pretty U,” and we’re starting to miss it in late 2017. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane for a moment and revisit some of the colors he had while sporting his shoulder-length hair! It was a short but glorious moment  Ready to look at Jeonghan’s Long Hair Colors?

Jeonghan’s Long Hair Colors-A Short Lookbook

Chestnut Brown

Jeonghan’s hair in the “Adore U” era was a chestnut, light brown. The color itself is natural and light, letting his hair length steal the show!


It’s an icy lilac color with grey tips! Definetely not a look we see often, especially on male idols!

Blone and Brown

Jeonghan originally dyed his hair a bright blonde, but his dark brown roots eventually showed up for some nice two-tone action. Isn’t his braid so pretty?

Blonde Kool-Aid

When Jeonghan cosplays, he goes all the way! He dyed his blonde hair with blue and red tips, mimicking the villain Harly Quinn.

Cool Blue

I really don’t know how to describe this blue. It’s not necessarily navy, but it is darker than most blue hair colors! It’s a deep blue that still has a cool look to it.


Jeonghan’s red-brown hair really did surprise all of us! Not that we’re complaining! The brownish-hued red suits him well, as usual!


 Jeonghan cut off his locks for “Pretty U,” but to all Carats’ relief and surprise, he added some extensions to bring back his long hair!

Icy Blue and Black

This icy, white-hued blue was a great addition to his black hair! While an all-black style can get a little bland for idols at times, the little blue highlight adds enough color to make it intersting, while not overwhelming anything!

Black and Hot Pink

If you want to liven a duller hair color, what better color is there to use than Hot Pink? Jeonghan manages once again to pull off this androgynous hairstyle better than half of the female population! (Let’s cry together guys)


I hope you had fun looking through all the hair colors of Jeonghan while he had his longer hair! Although we miss it, we all love his shorter, platinum blonde hair now too!


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