“Ko Ko Bop” – EXO’s Two-Block Hair

Exo just released their new MV “Ko Ko Bop,” and it’s already on its way to setting new records! “Ko Ko Bop” swept the music charts, and it has 3 million+ views only 5 hours after its release. The MV has a ton of new styles that are just waiting to be the next big trend. One thing that I noticed was all the two-block hairstyles that the members had! There were so many variations of the two-block hair, especially with all the hair colors! It was a great music video with a LOT of styling tips that we can learn! So, let’s dive into the gallery of EXO’s Two-Block hairstyles in “Ko Ko Bop!” Not all the members had this style, so we’re just going over a few!


“Ko Ko Bop”- EXO’s Two-Block Hair



Chen makes a messy middle part for his two-block hairstyle. Instead of going straight through the middle, his part is kind of curved in a way, to make the part softer. In addition to that, his front “bangs” are curled upwards as well!


D.O has his two-block cut going right down the middle! He crops the sides of his hair and keeps his middle crown long. The texture in his hair makes the look seem a lot more interesting!


Kai’s two-block style is a little hard to see here, since SM cut off his hair for the teaser pictures. But, it’s pretty clear the he swept the main crown of his hair to one side, while cropping the other. Interestingly, though, he leaves one long strand and curls it upwards to his forehead.



I guess Baekhyun’s mullet in this comeback is more of a “three-block” cut that a two-block! He has a deep part and side-swept style for the front, and his longer hair in the back would count as a third “block,” so I guess Baekhyun has just set a new trend!


Sehun’s two block hairstyle is more on the simple side, since his bright orange hair color is what’s the main point of the look. His hair itself is just slicked onto opposite sides, one being thicker than the other side.



Xiumin has the same deep side part for his two-block style. But, in the first photo he curls his hair almost to the point of it being a poodle hair style! Meanwhile, in the second photo, he keeps his hair very straight so it droops further down to his eyes.


I hope you enjoyed the gallery of EXO’s Two-Block hairstyles! Make sure to check out their latest comeback Ko Ko Bop!

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