BTS’ Two-Block Hairstyles

So, I was scrolling through Twitter today, when I noticed a picture of Suga with a two-block hairstyle. But as I thought about it, I think I’ve seen almost all the BTS members in a two-block hairstyle! Two-block cuts are basically the Korean term for undercuts, only they can have a lot of variations. BTS has been wearing this two-block cut for while, even from early in their careers! I made a short lookbook of each member in a two-block hairstyle. So, let’s go through BTS’ Two-block Hairstyles!


BTS’ Two-Block Hairstyles-LookBook


Jin used a different variation of the two-block cut here. It looks a lot like a deep part, but it seems as if he used to have a slight undercut before. The areas where his hair is darker kind of highlights the line where Jin’s Two-Block hair is separated.


Suga has a very typical and classic example of the two-block cut. The lower half of his hair is cropped short, while the crown of his head is left untouched. Most international fans would call this style an undercut.


J-Hope also has a pretty clear line for his two-block cut. The crown of his hair is much longer, and it casts a shadow on the cropped hairs. As a result, it looks as if the bottom half of his hair is a shade darker!

Rap Monster

Rap Monster used another different variation of the Two-Block cut. He cropped off one side of his hair, then went in for a really deep part. The rest of his hair is much longer, and it’s a bit more unique with the hair swept to the side.



Jimin has a two-block cut that almost doesn’t even look like one! Most two-block cuts that are on the subtler side like this are accentuated with hair colors. Usually, the bottom half is dyed darker than the top. However, in this photo, the bottom and top half are the exact same color! The colors, and the messy style make the hair look less ‘divided’ like a two-block cut usually does, and gives a more natural feel.


V’s two-block cut is kind of hard to see here too. His ‘line’ of where his two-block cut starts is more cleanly cut, but since he has a lot of different textures and waves in his hair, it’s harder to see.



Jungkook’s two-block cut here is pretty obvious. Not only has he cropped his bottom half pretty cleanly, but he’s also swept his hair towards his forehead. The hairs aren’t following a line down, but they’re facing his forehead and are cut short when they get to his cropped bottom-half. A good tip if you want to make the two-block hair look more unique!

I hope you had fun looking the BTS’ Two-Block Hairstyles! Make sure to try and use some of their styling tips they use for their two-block cuts!


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