Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles

The two-block hairstyle is probably one of the hottest styles in Korea and most of Asia right now. Almost all the guys in Korea have it, and even more idols! Seventeen’s Joshua already showed that he’s a big fan, as well as the BTS members! But, let’s be honest for a moment, and ask the most important question when it comes to Hallyu trends. Is it really a trend if Big Bang hasn’t worn the look? You can be assured that the two-block haircut is tried-and-tested with the Hallyu leaders, Big Bang! Here’s an extremely short lookbook of Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles!


Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles-LookBook


It looks like TOP’s been wearing this look since 2012! As usual, there’s always someone in Big Bang that’s always a couple steps ahead when it comes to fashion! His icy teal hair, paired with the two-block cut is definetely not a look we’re used to seeing. Interestingly, he has the left side of his crown with longs bangs than the right half. It’s a small detail that makes a world of a difference!



Daesung really hasn’t done too much experimenting with the two-block cut yet. However, he’s still had a few styles! Here, his line that separates his isn’t too profound. So, he highlights the line with two different hair colors, which makes it easier to see his separation between the crown and cropped hair.



This is a two-block cut, but as usual, GD always has some sort of twist to add onto here! You can see the clear line in the back, where his cropped hair and crown are separated. However, you can see that there’s a lot of difference between the back part of his crown and his bangs. The hairs gradually get longer and longer as it moves towards the forehead. It’s like a two-block within a two-block!


Taeyang’s two-block cut here is pretty plainly seen. Not only is his line of separation clean, but he uses the two-tone method to make the line even clearer! Unlike a lot of other two-block cuts, he has all of his hair from the crown swept backwards.



Seungri was pretty hyped when he realized that he was the only member in Big Bang with a bright hair color and this hairstyle for “Loser!” His platinum blonde hair, paired with this two-block style was definetely a style that put him in the spotlight! He also kind of has the same concept as GD. The back part of his crown is much shorter than his bangs.


I hope you had fun looking through the short lookbook! It wasn’t too long, but there’s always a lot to consider when you’re covering Big Bang and fashion!

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