Exo, BTS, and Seventeen- EBS in Circle Lenses

Most Hallyu fans probably know of the recent term “EBS.” The letters stand for Exo, BTS, and Seventeen. These 3 groups are the top 3 boygroups in terms of  brand rankings. Later, fans coined them as “EBS,” after the Korean broadcasting network EBS. These 3 boygroups are some of the biggest in the industry right now, and since they’re everywhere, I noticed a similarity between all these 3 groups in terms of their fashion. Exo, Bts, and Seventeen have all embraced the round glasses trend! If the 3 power boygroups in Korea have hopped onto the circle lenses trend, it’s time that we try it too. Here’s a short gallery of EBS in circle lenses!


EBS in Circle Lenses!





Suho seems to be supporting his sunbae Kyuhyun’s solo album in this picture. His circle lenses here have thickes legs, while his frames themselves are a bit thinner, but still are noticeable enough. Even though they’re a bit thinner, they’re on the thicker side of circle lenses.



Chen’s circle lenses are two colors here. His glasses legs are a silver, while the lens frames are a black. The legs and lens frames are both similar in thickness.



Chanyeol’s lenses are two-toned as well. He has gold and black as his two colors of choice, and has both colors spread out even across the lenses.



Baekhyun’s lenses here look really similar to Suho’s. They’re a dark color, with thicker legs than lens frames.





Jungkook’s glasses are a bit unique in the fact that his lens frames are a bit thicker than his lens frames. The thicker lens frames are probably for the original purpose of holding thicker lenses, but Jungkook was able to turn it into a fashion statement!



Taehyung’s glasses here are some of the thickest rims that I’ve ever seen! His glasses legs are still thicker, but his rims are also pretty thick. The plastic material that his glasses are made of probably make the rims look thicker.



Jimin’s rims here are also pretty thick here. In fact, his rims are thicker than his glasses legs! For the thick frames, he keeps a main color of black, with added touches of gold to make the look a bit less plain.




J-Hope’s glasses are on the thinner side. They take up less space, which is good for him, since his face is narrow. He doesn’t really need to make his face look smaller, since it’s already quite narrow. His frames are black and gold too!




Jin is pretty well known in the Kpop world for his quirky glasses. This pair here has thicker, black rims, with silver embellishments on the legs.





Seungcheol posted this selca a while back and surprised some fans with his glasses! The frames are pretty thin, with really thin rims. Seungcheol’s glasses are pretty unique, since not a lot of idols wear just silver glasses!



Jisoo’s glasses have really thick legs, with thinner rims. Since they’re from fans, they have a pretty unique pattern!


Most Carat’s are well-aware of Wonwoo’s bad eyesight, so seeing him in his glasses isn’t a rare sight. His glasses are silver and black as well, with thicker, rounder, legs as compared to his thin rims.



For his Going Seventeen teaser image, Jihoon was wearing these thick-rimmed glasses. They’re unusually thick and round, but he was able to pull them off for this shoot.


When Wonwoo was out for his acute gastritis, all 12 other members wore his signature look to the “MBC Thank You Festival ” as a tribute!


This was a longer gallery, but I hope you still enjoyed looking through EBS in Circle lenses! Try the lenses out sometime, you’ll never know if you’ll like it!




Written by ulee