2017 Color of the Year-Greenery Korean Eye Makeup

In one of our last posts, we went over some outfits worn by idols for the 2016 colors of the year. It definetely was fun to see some of our favorite male idols wearing Rose Quartz and Serenity! This year, though, the color for 2017 is called Greenery! Greenery is described on Pantone’s official site as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green color.” It’s a perfect color to wear for the hot summer days ahead! In this post, we’ll be going through a step-by-step tutorial from a Korean beauty blogger and her “Greenery” Eye Makeup. She takes a hard-to-work-with color like Greenery and transforms it into a light and unique makeup look!

* Make Sure to Start with you standard makeup basics before you begin!*

  • Fill in your waterline with black eyeliner
  • Fill in you brows
  • Curl you lashes and add mascara
  • OPTIONAL: Add an eye primer to your lid


Greenery Korean Eye Makeup Tutorial


Grab a neutral or warm-toned brown eyeshadow to start. Using a brush, add the color lightly all over your eyelid. Make sure to get the bottoms of your eyes as well!



Add a “Greenery” colored eyeshadow to the last half of your upper eyelid. Concentrate most of the color on the tail of your eyes. For a more natural look make a slight gradiation that connects to the middle of the eye. Here, Missha’s Sparkling Lime in their Modern Shadow Electric Line was used. The shadow can be matte or have a bit of pearl, depending on your personal preference. However, if you’re choosing to use a shadow with pearls, make sure that the pearl is finely crushed. You don’t want a bunch of loose piecs of glitter making the look too heavy!


Add a burnt orange/brick red color above the creaseline. Again, make sure that you’re adding the most color onto the last half of the eye! Also, add a the Greenery color onto the bottom “aegyossal” part of your eye. Blend the burnt orange color in to the bottom half of your eye as well for a more natural look.



Take a gold eyeshadow with lots of pearl and apply it to the center of your eye and bottom aegyossal. It makes the colors all blend in together naturally. Take a dark brown liner and wing it out naturally.




And you’re done! You have your Greenery eye makeup finished and are ready to go out for the day! It’s nice to have your eyes a more eccentric color, so your lips can still be a natural pink without your makeup looking to basic.


Here’s a swatch of all the shadows used, in case you need a reference for a dupe!





Source: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhnvolumeNo=6270732&memberNo=25773716&vType=VERTICAL

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