How to Get “Kpop Lashes”

Kpop really wouldn’t be that different from other music industries, if it weren’t for all of its visual effects. From the extensive choreography, aesthetically pleasing music videos, eye-popping outfits, and especially the makeup, Kpop is a very visual branch of music. So, it isn’t surprising to see how all our favorite Kpop idols always have flawless, yet natural looking makeup, no matter where they are. One aspect of their makeup that I think all of us love is the way that the female idols do their lashes! After digging through a couple tutorial videos and just examining each idol’s look, I think we’ve finally figured out how to get the “Kpop Lashes.” So, let’s see how to do it, and what we need.

First, let’s see what the “Kpop Lashes” exactly are. While we call them “Kpop Lashes,” it’s more of a “Korean lash” style since it’s the most popular way to do lashes in Korea right now. In the west, where a heavier and sharper makeup look is preferred, so they keep their lashes volumized, long, and very glam, usually putting on some falsies as well! Unlike the west, however, the Korean style of makeup leans more towards the natural side, and the lashes in Korea focus a lot more on length as opposed to volume. Separated and long lashes are what everyone strived for here! THere’s a mini-guide for two common lash looks in Korea!

Mastering the Kpop Lashes: The Guide

The Standard Look

The “standard” lash look that we can see here is pretty simple. It’s a lot of length and separation, with not a lot of volume. The lashes aren’t too long to the point that they look unnatural, and the lack of volume adds to the whole “babyface” concept that we all love here in Korea.

To get this look, you first want to make sure you curl your lashes really well! For the best curl, start from the roots of your lashes and keep pumping the curler as you move your hand down, not up. After you have a flawless curl, apply one or two coats of mascara from a skinny wand. Innisfree’s Skinny Waterproof Microcara Mascara is a super popular choice in Korea for these looks. If you can’t get the Korea version, NYX’s The Skinny Mascara is a great dupe as well. One or two swipes will be just enough, but make sure you really focus on getting each lash!


Volumizing Lashes

If you want just a little bit more volume in your lashes without going all-out, you might want to take a little inspo from Nana. Out of all the active idols these days, Nana probably has the heaviest mascara look, which really isn’t a ton. To get her look, you’d follow the same steps of curling your lashes really well, but this time when you swipe through with your mascara, you want to really focus in on the roots.

For more volumized lashes, go for mascaras with an hourglass shape. It should ideally have fiber bristles, not plastic ones. Plastic bristles don’t really tend to give as much volume as you’d get with the fiber ones unless they’re from a lot higher brands. The L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara is a great one, but there’s a lot more!

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