Chungha’s “Roller Coaster” Makeup – Neon

Chungha has had her long-awaited comeback this year, and we get to start off 2018 with two powerful female solos: Sunmi and Chungha! The former IOI member made her first comeback with”Roller Coaster” as her title track. And as much as I loved the music, I was waay too excited when I saw all neon colors in her new MV! From start to finish, we get shots of the beloved tones that we were sporting a couple years ago. Neon seemed to disappear from the fashion and makeup scene these past couple years, especially in Korea. The “Natural Look” has always been dominant over in Korea. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see Chungha bring this back! We all love seeing more outspoken makeup trends once in a while! So, let’s take a quick look at Chungha’s “Roller Coaster” Makeup!


Chungha’s “Roller Coaster” Makeup – NEON


The first part of her look that I wanted to point out isn’t actually her makeup- it’s her nails! I looooved her nails this comeback. Kpop Idols don’t really bring much attention to their hands, and instead, opt to make their facial features stand out. But in “Roller Coaster,” Chungha uses neon green and a fluorescent white color on her nails to make them pop too! They aren’t just gorgeous on their own! Since this pose on in the first picture is part of her choreography, her fluorescent nails help to frame her face and add brightness as well!

Now time for the makeup! As you can probably see just from one glance, her neon hot-pink lips are the main point of her look. This color works perfectly with the dim-lit background and her equally-bright, neon green nails. What’s interesting about her makeup here is actually her eyes. Usually, when you add such a bright and strong pop of color on your lips, most people tend to shy away from heavier eye makeup. But here, Chungha went all-out in everything! She added shimmery blue eyeshadow in her under eyes, long and defined falsies, and even went in for blue-colored contacts! And surprisingly, it works here. It doesn’t look overwhelming, and fits her neon concept perfectly!


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