GOT7 Mark’s DAZED Fashion Look – Bold Sporty/Kitsch Style?

GOT7’s Mark recently appeared in the UK-licensed Fashion & Culture magazine DAZED with eyecatchingly bold colors and interesting style combinations. Mark is known to be very interested in fashion and style, as seen in his amazing airport outfits, and GOT7 Mark’s DAZED fashion looks prove the singer’s fashion-pioneer status!


korea korean kpop idol boy band group got7 mark's dazed fashion bold kitsch sporty street style looks for guys men kpopstuff

Source: Topstarnews

This first look is very sport-inspired: with the bucket hat, oversized hoodie, and baggy sweatpants. The bright red background contrasts the navy blue-themed outfit, which has hints of yellow sprinkled throughout for a bit of color and pop!

It’s a very casual style, with many streetstylers opting for this simple but swaggy look.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group got7 mark's dazed fashion bold colorful kitsch style sporty streetwear casual outfits style for guys kpopstuff

Source: Topstarnews

Mark’s second outfit seems to combine sporty casual fashion and kitsch fashion, which we’ve raved about in Block B’s Retro Kitsch Fashion for ‘Yesterday’. The baggy sweats, Adidas shirt, and baseball cap are all taken from sporty casual styles, but Mark combines the look with bold colors and seemingly unfitting/misplaced pieces (ie red long sleeve under a navy T, baggy pants ending at the ankles) for a sprinkle of kitsch fashion.

While some consider kitsch fashion to be “in poor taste,” fashionistas like Mark definitely know how to bring the look together for a mass-appeal look.


Have you looked into kitsch fashion?

Do you prefer Mark’s first or second outfit from GOT7 Mark’s DAZED fashion? Tell us in the comments section below!!



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Written by Yooj