GOT7 Youngjae’s Airport Look “How to Properly Hold A Clutch”

GOT7 was seen at the airport just yesterday, heading to their concert in Japan. While we’ve talked about member Bambam’s preppy airport look, the other members also caught the eyes of those in the fashion industry for their effortless fashion pairings, including member Youngjae. Many were shocked by GOT7 Youngjae’s airport accessories, which were the finishing touches to his celeb-boyfriend look.


For this outfit, Youngjae goes casual and comfy, with an oversized flannel shirt paired with navy jeans and white platform shoes. You know…for that extra height ~


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Source: topstarnews

The real stars of the show were his paired accessories, though, which had fans do a double take. GOT7 Youngjae’s airport look pairs his casual outfit with a chic black fedora and zipper clutch for the ultimate handsome boyfriend image.

While those in the states may find the clutch look to be for girls only, they aren’t uncommon for men to carry around in South Korea, with many designers and brands focusing solely on men’s clutch styles. A lot of men tend to go for black leather clutches because of its sleek and manly styles, and even Youngjae knows how good he looks. Just look at that pose 



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Written by Yooj