KARD’s “Hola Hola” MV Fashion

KARD had their official debut about a month ago with “Hola Hola,” another Cuban-influenced song. It charted at #2 on Gaon and #3 on the US World Albums chart! It’s pretty clear that Korea’s only co-ed group is going places. “Hola Hola” was a cuban-sounding pop song, but unlike “Rumor” and “Don’t Recall,” it was a bit more lighthearted, for a perfect summery vibe. To match the light, echoing beat of “Hola Hola,” the KARD members’ stylists did a nice job of using a lot of pastels and bright colors. So, let’s take a look at just a few of the many outfits of KARD! Here’s a small overview of KARD’s “Hola Hola” MV Fashion!

KARD’s “Hola Hola” MV Fashion

All White

For this picture, the members went all-out with their all-white outfits! BM and J.Seph have pretty similar outfits, with a slight difference in their shirt styles. J.Seph’s has a thinner collar with a closed half-button down, while BM has a normal button-down with more of an open top. Jiwoo and Somin also both went for a similar style. Jiwoo is wearing an open-shouldered romper-type on one piece with a ruffled collar and cuffs. Somin, on the other hand, is wear a cold-shouldered dress that also has patterend ruffles on the collar, sleeves, and the edge of her dress. Their fashion and hair colors are both more neutral and natural.

Street Style

Here, J.Seph and BM both have pretty similar overall concepts in the fashion, once again. They both have white, looser-fitting skinny jeans, with tye-dye styled shirts. Again, the small difference is that BM’s shirt is cropped and white, while J.Seph’s is blue. Jiwoo and Somin’s outfits are the ones that set the stage. Somin had a typical street-style outfit with a few accessories. Her pink crop top is spruced up with a thick wrap-up cord, and her white denim shorts have a black pattern laced around the edges. Her hoop earrings wrap in the whole outfit for a casual, 90s street style. Jiwoo went for a bit more of a simpler approach, with a sleeveless, white dress. But, her beach-scene skirt(?) definetely drew in my attention.


An all-denim outfit? Yes! BM has his quilted/patched, ripped jeans, paired with his white tye-dye shirt and a two-tone denim jacket. J.Seph opted for faded ripped jeans that were more monotonous, with a white tee and interesting denim jacket. The jacket is mostly white, but the inner linings of it are the same faded blue as his jeans! Somin had a faded denim dress that was held at the collar, while Jiwoo wore a denim jacket off her shoulders, with ripped jeans shorts. The two guys had a lot of variety in texture and color, while the girls went for a simpler getup.

Pastel Casual

Here, BM has his ripped skinny jeans and chooses to keep his white tee out from underneath his teal, cropped, varsity windbreaker. The length of his necklace helps to minimize the awkward look that could happen when the shirt underneath is longer that the sweater. J.Seph has white basketball shorts with a white, cropped hoodie and a light blue, mesh sweater over the top. He definetely has a very sporty look! Somin had a simpler look here, with a bright orange crop top and white jean shorts. Her fishnet that hugs her waist adds a bit of texture to her outfit too! Jiwoo’s wearing a patterned crop top and ripped jean shorts under a pretty pastel bomber. The creamiscle orange of the bomber goes so well with her yellow-patterned top!


I hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures, and that you were able to learn a few tips for your next outfit! Check out a few of KARD’s other fashion posts!

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