Seventeen’s Orange Hair Colors

Seventeen came over to the states just a couple days ago for their Diamond Edge world tour in the States! While all the U.S fans were excited, or at least the fans that were lucky enough to go the the concert were, we were all a little sad to hear that Hoshi wouldn’t be able to make it. Seventeen is still in the states from what we know, but there still isn’t a lot of news on Hoshi. He was diagnosed with entritis before their stop in Chicago, and he hasn’t come back yet. Let’s hope that he gets better soon! In the meantime, I was inspired by his orange hair color that he was sporting up until his hospitilization. Hoshi’s not the only Seventeen memeber whose worn this orange hair color, so I decided to dedicate a post to Hoshi and the other Seventeen members’ orange hair colors! Let’s take a look at Seventeen’s Orange Hair Colors!


Believe me or not, we aren’t a Soonyoung fanpage. I know the crazy amount of pictures just for his hair color makes it seem like we are, but I’m doing my best to have a little more variety than just Seventeen. I know I’m not great at it, but I’m trying guys. Soonyoung’s hair was originally dyed as a strong orange, with the sliiiightest bit of a red tone in it. But overall, it’s just a straight-up orange. There’s no white tones, and the red tone is honestly barely noticeable. It’s like a ratio of 1:40 for the amount of red-to-orange. Of course, as his dye faded out it made it look like there were some white tones in it, but that’s probably from the residue of his blonde hair from before. Soonyoung usually just wore his hair down, but sometimes his hair would get wet, which gives a darker and parted look.



Not trying to ruin any Carats’ day, but here’s Mingyu’s orange Cheeto hair! Hey, it doesn’t look too bad…His haircut definetely could have had a major upgrade, but the hair color itself doesn’t seem like a world-ending catastrophe! Think positive guys! Anyways, let’s move on and talk about his actual hair color.

Mingyu’s orange hair is really similar to Soonyoung’s orange hair. But, it looks like he has a tad bit of yellow tones, the opposite of Soonyoung’s slight red tone. I guess that’s what gives off that powedered “Cheeto” look. His haircut, which we touched on before, probably wasn’t the best, but it was still part of the style, so here we go!

He had almost all of his hair, aside from his crown, was cropped short, close to his head, white the center part of his crown was grouped together. The only thing that’s coming to my mind right now is that Vulcan hairstyle from Star Trek. So, Star Trek but orange?




Woozi’s orange hair color is much more of a pastel-ey, white-toned mandarin orange than the brighter, true oranges from before. The yellow and white tones make the look much more casual and less eye-popping, which I guess could be considered a better daily option. There’s a lot more yellow tones in the color, which gives it a vibrant madarin-ey orange color. There could be a slight bit of pink in this color, which gives it a peachy-look in some angles too. The ends of his hair are a bit “fried,” which could be on purpose of just because, but it gives his  hair a bit of volume. So, if it was an accident, it wasn’t a bad one!

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