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Korean Actor Red Carpet Hairstyles

The Red Carpet is the perfect stage for celebrities to show-off their unique style. Recently, actors have been showing up at award shows with these Red Carpet-worthy hairstyles. Behold, the latest Korean hair trends for Korean actors, including the beloved comma hair/hairstyle look.

Here we showcase three popular Kdrama actors, Seo Kang Jun, Sung Hoon & Ryu Jun Yeol and their trending hairstyles from this year’s Asia Artist Awards…

Seo Kang Jun:

The 5urprise member’s hairstyle puts emphasis on his bangs, curving it inwards in a slight C-shape. This has been the craze among Koreans, aka the comma hair trend. * This look is glamorous but carefree, making it seem like he just walked in from his currently airing Kdrama : Entourage.


Sung Hoon:

We might be familiar with his cute and charming character from Five Enough,  Kim Sang Min, and his style on the red carpet is just as accurate as his style in the drama. Sung Hoon’s slightly-off middle part looks so good. His light-colored strands make his coarser hair seem so soft and silky. ~SMEELLL..PEETTT…K I’m done


Ryu Jun Yeol:

Ryu Jun Yeol’s hairstyle is a new take on the formal but still hipster trend. Much like how the trend is to wear a denim jacket over your blazer and tie for guys these days, Ryu Jun Yeol’s messy, don’t care, crimped hairstyle is a fresh new look.


It’s interesting to note that these trendy Korean male actor hairstyles all emphasize naturalness (which seems to be the thing these days). This takes a step forward from the usual Pomade style that Korean actors are seen with at special events.

Last but not least, a sincere congratulations to all the actors awarded at the Asia Artist Awards! We look forward to more Kdramas~ ^#^


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