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We’ve been seeing the comma hairstyle everywhere in the Hallyu world, with actors and kpop idols captured wearing this look to many different events. You may have noticed that the comma hairstyle is mostly a guy trend; however, you’ll find the trend is now gaining popularity among girls as well. A popular pioneer of the … Read more COMMA HAIR FOR GIRLS

SMTM5 GRAY’s Comma Hair

Korea rapper underground smtm5 korean show idol gray aomg producer gray comma hairstyle hair trend for guys men korea kpopstuff

It’s reasonable to say that Show Me the Money 5 is THE program that officially shot rapper BewhY to stardom, and as a popular show with five seasons and a strong lineup of contestants, its judges (as well as producers) sported the trendiest of trends in both the worlds of fashion as well as hair. Today we’ll focus on Korean rapper Gray’s comma hairstyle that has been making waves around the underground rapper scene; Cuz even if you’re not a fan of the show, it’s always nice to get a few styling tips here and there, right?

Korea rapper underground smtm5 korean show idol gray aomg producer gray comma hairstyle hair trend for guys men korea kpopstuff


The important aspect of the comma hairstyle is the signature C-shaped curl you see above. Although the ideal length for hair to keep this perfect curl would be to the length of your eyebrows, Gray’s look here reminds us that you can still work this look with shorter hair. Gray’s front hair is a little shorter than the average length but this gives a unique style and flair to his look~  The way both sides are curled inwards is also a change from the usual one-sided-curl comma hairstyle. With several ways to create the look, from hair dryer to straightener to curling wand… All it takes is a few blows of hot air and optional hairspray and *poof* there you have it!


For those of us new to the comma hair trend, or wanting to try it out yourself, here’s a good tutorial to follow for the perfect comma hair. Or you can click the related link at the bottom of the page that will show you step by step how you can style this hairstyle.

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Korean Actor Red Carpet Hairstyles

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The Red Carpet is the perfect stage for celebrities to show-off their unique style. Recently, actors have been showing up at award shows with these Red Carpet-worthy hairstyles. Behold, the latest Korean hair trends for Korean actors, including the beloved comma hair/hairstyle look. Here we showcase three popular Kdrama actors, Seo Kang Jun, Sung Hoon … Read more Korean Actor Red Carpet Hairstyles

Park Bo Gum’s Hairstyles

Korean kdrama actor Park Bo gum's hairstyles haircuts for men guys kpopstuff

Having recently announced the dates of his Asia Fan Meeting tour*, young actor Park Bo Gum is a rising star in the world of Hallyu. He’s recently shot to stardom with his Kdrama : Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, starring opposite Kim Yoo Jung. His popularity has increased after being seen with the latest *hot* trend: the comma hairstyle. Here we will showcase Korean actor Park Bo Gum’s hairstyles over the course of many Kdramas and appearances.

Korean kdrama actor Park Bo gum's hairstyles haircuts for men guys kpopstuff
Source: Elle Korea



korean actor park bo gum all down hairstyles for korean asian kpop idol men guys

Park Bo Gum is wearing the signature Asian bowl-cut here, but still pulls it off flawlessly! The angled cut of his bangs gives this signature haircut a new flare.


korean actor kdrama park bo gum all down hairstyle perm curly kpop asian korean idol men hair

Here we see the Moonlight Drawn By Clouds star with a cute, curly cut. This look can be achieved with the help of a straightener, or go for the permanent solution: a perm!



kpop korean drama actor park bo gum slicked back hairstyles for guys kpop idol men asian korean guys kpopstuff

All up AND slicked back, this hairstyle is the epitome of a gentleman. A clean-cut look for all the handsome lads.


korean kdrama actor park bo gum kpopstuff parting styles hairstyles for guys kpop idol men asian korean

This all-up style is all about volume. With a blow-out look, this hairstyle emphasizes volume and thick hair. The flicked ends of the hairstyle open up the actors handsome face so that it stands out all the more.



korean kdrama star actor park bo gum middle part parted hairstyles for kpop idol men asian korean guys

Park Bo Gum is wearing the middle part, which we’ve already raved about HERE <–


korean kdrama actor park bo gum hair parting styles kpopstuff part hairstyles for guy kpop idol men asian korean guys

This is the 7:3 hair part that we’ve kept talking about; one of my personal favorites. This asymmetrical style gives off a flair that the other parting styles can’t.

For more about the 7:3 part <–



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Actor Park Bo Gum

As recently reviewed HERE <–

And a how-to HERE <–

The comma hair trend is booming everywhere, whether that’s among the hottest kpop idols or the rising actors of the Kdrama scene. Park Bo Gum has also worn this hairstyle during photoshoots and fan-meetings. It’s currently one of his most popular hairstyles for men.


Which one of Park Bo Gum’s hairstyles was your favorite?




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