Korean Makeup, American Dupe-Korean Peach Eyeshadow Dupe

I think Korean makeup products have some of the best eye makeup colors. They aren’t too basic, but they’re also great for daily use. The colors are pretty and bright, and even more fun since they almost always have pearls in them. It might just be me, but finding colors like peachy pink and light orange in the American market is so much harder. One of the hardest colors to come by here in the States is a peach-orange color. Two-Faced has become popular for their Peach Palette, but they aren’t exactly what you call a road shop brand. Getting Korean products all the time isn’t that cheap, so we’re kind of stuck in the middle when it comes to makeup.

Luckily, there’s been a couple eyeshadows in the U.S that are pretty similar to the shadows in Korea! The first makeup dupe that we’re going to do is for two Etude House products, but we’ll keep it general and say it’s a Korean Peach Eyeshadow dupe. It’s Etude House’s Bling Bling Eye Stick in #11, Asteroid Rose and Etude House’s Look At My Eye Color Burning Orange.


Korean Makeup, American Dupe- Korean Peach Eyeshadow Dupe


Etude House Look At My Eye Color Burning Orange-OR205

Etude House’s eyeshadows are always so pretty, since they have a great balance in their colors. This orange shadow isn’t too strong, and the pearls within it add a bit more life and dimension to it. It’s a must have color for every Korean beauty guru!


Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick #11 Asteroid Rose


It’s a peachy red-orange color with lots of pearls. This is one color that I absolutely love, since it isn’t red, orange, or even completely peachy! It’s a mix between all of them, which adds each colors’ charm into it.

I would have never thought that a color like these two would ever be released in the American market. But today, I found out that an American roadshop brand had just released a palette with a color that is a mixture of both? Are you curious yet?


Maybelline City Mini Palette- Downtown Sunrise

Maybelline just recently released this new City Mini Palette in Downtown Sunrise, and the bright red-orange color caught my eye. Even from the palette, you can tell that the two colors are pretty similar. But, how does it look in real life? Here’s a photo of a model wearing just the peachy shadow! See for yourself!


What do you think? Are the colors similar enough, or do you still think that you’ll be out on the hunt for a better dupe? Comment below on what Korean beauty product you want to find an American dupe for!

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