SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle Hairstyle

I think we all know about the Two-BlockPoodle Bang and Hippie Perm hairstyle by now. They’re a popular choice for a lot of female idols, but what about males? Well, the male idols have a pretty similar style that we like to call the Ramen hairstyle. The Ramen hair had it’s glory days in the 2013-2015 era, but the died down from last year. But, when Seventeen came back with “Al1”, it looked like the ramen hairstyle was going to get a revival!

As usual though, when styles come back, we like to change the name so that it at least sounds kind of new. So, 2017 may or may not mark the beginning of the male idol’s Poodle Hairstyle! The Clean Poodle style is slighly less messy than the original Poodle Style. While the rest of his hair is untouched, the crown of hair is what is given the Poodle Bang look! It just sounds like a style destined for fame! So, before that style goes into full blow in the Kpop world, let’s take a look at S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle hairstyle!


S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle Hairstyle

Let’s go over a few of the main points of S.Coups’ Clean Poodle hairstyle!


It’s easier to see in the first picture, but Seungcheol keeps the botton half of his hair completely untouched. Only the top part of his crown is curled in the Poodle Hair fashion. By doing this, his hair isn’t completely crumpled up and all over the place. He’s able to keep the main point of the look, but it’s not overly messy or overwhelming in anyway. In fact, it looks pretty natural here! He curls the top of his crown, but it looks like he also crimps some peices of hair as well. The curls and crimps give his hair a ton of volume too, so there’s another plus you might want to consider.


He cuts his hair right above his eyes, which emphasizes the poodle concept. Especially with his eyes, doesn’t the hair makes it look like a sad puppy sort of look? Another thing that we noticed is the fact that his hair is given the “wet” look, like he just came out of the shower.


Main Points of S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle Look:

  • Aside from the crown, all hair is left straightened/untouched
  • Crown of hair is curled and crimped
  • Hair is given a “wet” look, either with water of a sort of gel/spray


Guys, ready to rock this look before most idols even do? If you loved the look on Seungcheol, try it out for yourself!

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