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Three Trending Kdrama Hairstyles We Want to Try

In my opinion, 2017 has been the year of great Kdramas. I recently finished a Kdrama that I have to say is my favorite Kdrama so far : While You Were Sleeping. I waited weeks and weeks for all the episodes to be out so I could marathon it (cuz your girl’s not patient enough to wait), and let me tell you, it was a good thing I did. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking the next episode, and finished it in the span of three days. It was that good! The cast, acting, plot, and characters were so fresh, much different from the cliche plots you see in many dramas. (I don’t want to spoil anything so go watch it!) Anyways, Suzy’s hairstyle in While You Were Sleeping got me thinking about Kdrama hairstyles that we’ve probably all wanted to try, so I decided to compile three that have quickly become trending looks. (Plus some Kdrama talk and fangirling~) 


Kdrama Hairstyles : The Layered Cut

korea korean kpop idol drama kdrama hairstyles layered cut while you were sleeping suzy because it's my first life jung so min women girls hairstyle looks kpopstuffThe hairstyle that started this whole post: the layered cut is a classic. This look can be feminine on long hair like Jung So Min from Because This is My First Life, or it can suit the tomboy look, just like While You Were Sleeping‘s Suzy. These two Kdrama actresses pair the hairstyle with See Through Bangs for a completed look.

Honestly, while watching While You Were Sleeping, Suzy had both long hair and this shorter, layered hairstyle but after a while, the long hair looked a bit awkward on her. I think this look suits Suzy’s up-front, sassy character much better.

I haven’t watched Because This is My First Life yet, because you know, the episodes aren’t all out yet. (*wink*) But once they’re out, I’ll be sure to tune in. I’ve seen clips here and there, and the plot seems promising. Plus, it’s Lee Min Ki’s comeback drama, so why not?


Kdrama Hairstyles : Medium C Curl Perm

korea korean kpop idol drama kdrama hairstyles medium c curl perm temperature of love seo hyun jin witch's court jung ryeo won hairstyle women girls kpopstuff

It seems c-curl perms will never fade! Jung Rye Won from Witch’s Court goes for a one-length, heavier-looking medium hairstyle with a slightly blow-dried look that’s suiting of her prosecutor-of-seven-years character. Meanwhile, Temperature of Love‘s Seo Hyun Jin goes for the lovely look with her light, bright, and girly medium cut and see-through side bangs.

I’m a sucker for thrillers and crime dramas, so Witch’s Court is definitely at the top of my watch list. I’m so glad that Kdramas these days are filled with strong female leads that don’t take flack from anyone. (It seems like Jung Ryeo Won plays a lot of these roles, and I’m not complaining.)

I’ve seen the trailer and sneak previews of Temperature of Love, and was attracted at first to the male leads (I mean, it’s THE Kim Jae Wook and that handsome doctor with father problems from Romantic Doctor-I just noticed that this drama’s leads were co-stars in that drama!) but the story seemed to be dragging a bit, plus the plot was a bit… meh.

If you guys think I should still go for it, let me know in the comments!


Kdrama Hairstyles : Short Bobbed Hair

korea korean kpop idol drama kdrama hairstyles short bobbed hair han ye seul 20th century girl sooyoung snsd man who sets table haircut women girls kpopstuff

The bob has been BIG in 2017- with so many different styles and lengths. 20th Century Boy and Girl star Han Ye Seul wears a bob that comes down to her chin-length with a middle part for a mature look. Man Who Sets the Table‘s Sooyoung (from Girl’s Generation) goes for a younger, cuter look with an S-curled bob and curled bangs.

I’ve debated on watching 20th Century Boy and Girl. I personally LOVE Han Ye Seul and her dramas, but I’m not really into the male lead. All the scenes and clips of seen from the drama only include the female lead and her friends, and not much of the male lead. But I do love Kdramas with tight friendships, which it seems like this drama is full of.

I don’t think I’ll be watching Man Who Sets the Table… I mean, it’s literally 50 episodes! It seems like a typical family drama, where rich, troublesome son with emotional issues meets poor, hard-working girl and falls in love. Add some parent issues, birth secrets, and just plain-bad people who hate the girl for no reason, and there’s your cliche family Kdrama!



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