Who says guys can’t have looong, luscious locks too? …Definitely not these Kpop/Korean stars.

These are some of many Korean Hallyu stars who have tried growing out their locks for their fans. Some hairstyles were loved by fans and others – well.. not so much.

korea korean kpop idols boy band group b1a4 cnu long haircut hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

B1A4 – CNU

Ever since his debut, CNU sported this long bob style very often. It’s either that his agency told him to or he just really liked this hairstyle… Either way, it suits him well and fans loved this rare (at the time) girlish look.


korea korean drama kdrama actor model song jae rim long hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

Korean Actor/Model Song Jae Rim

Korean model-turned-actor Song Jae Rim, loved by fans as Kim So Eun’s adorable husband on We Got Married and playing immature Gap Dol in currently airing Korean drama Our Gap Soon, sported long hair during his modeling days.


korea korean kpop idol actor nu'est nuest ren long black hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

NU’EST – Ren

Known for his girlish looks (and mistaken for a girl multiple times) since debut, Ren recently chopped off his long hair for a manlier, but still pretty-boy, image.


korea korean kpop idol variety show member super junior kim heechul long wavy hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

Super Junior – Kim Heechul

Ah~Yes! You knew he would be on this list! The iconic variety-idol, the king of laughs, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is also known for keeping his hair longer.


korea korean kpop idol guy hairstyles WINNER nam taehyung long hair kpopstuff

WINNER – Nam Taehyun

Now an ex-member of WINNER *sobs* Nam Taehyun was last seen DJ-ing at clubs in Seoul and hanging out with ex-f(x) member Sulli.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group seventeen jeonghan long hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

SEVENTEEN – Jeonghan

The name that you think of when you hear “Elastine Shampoo” and “gorgeous hair,” that’s right! SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan gorgeous hair might be the reason why fans call him Angel (or ya know, that he’s born on 10/04 but that’s beside the point). Marvel at his long, black hairstyle in SEVENTEEN – Very Nice MV or check out his new style in recently released : SEVENTEEN – Boomboom MV.


korea korean kpop idols boy band group VIXX vixx leo long black hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

VIXX – Leo

The shy-but-lovable member of VIXX grew out his hairstyle for VIXX – Hyde MV. Fans adored his long hair so much that many were upset when he cut it short for future promotions.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group toppdogg topdog a-tom long hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff


Known as the rapper in his group, TOPPDOGG’s A-Tom has some gorgeous hair, and it’s no secret that he wants to film a hair commercial! (I mean, with that hair, who can blame him?)


korea korean kpop idol boy band singer vixx hongbin long curly hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

VIXX – Hongbin

Yes. This actually happened. Not too sure what the stylists were thinking, but I guess it’s a good thing someone realized it wasn’t working, because Hongbin’s hair certainly changed for the better…


These Korean celebrities had (or still have) beautifully long hair, and (most of them) look WAY better than us girls ~ Wish we could rock guy hair as well as they rock long hair… ㅠㅠ


Maybe they were inspired by these styles? – Hwarang Hairstyles



Written by Yooj