NUEST W’s Fashion for Music Bank Appearance

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Nu’est is gaining sudden popularity after members appearing on the hit show: Produce 101, and fans of the underrated group couldn’t be any more happier. The group now holds the record for the longest amount of time in getting their 1st music show win, but they’re steadily gaining interest from the public with Nu’est W’s newest release … Read more NUEST W’s Fashion for Music Bank Appearance

NU’EST Jonghyun’s Comma Hairstyle in Produce 101

NU’EST just had a comeback as NUE’ST W, since Minhyun isn’t taking part, with “If You.” It topped a ton of national music charts, which was definetely a heatwearming moment for the members. To comemorate NU’EST’s newfound success, we’ll be looking at one of the NU’EST W and Produce 101 contestant’s hair, Jonghyun! He was … Read more NU’EST Jonghyun’s Comma Hairstyle in Produce 101


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Who says guys can’t have looong, luscious locks too? …Definitely not these Kpop/Korean stars. These are some of many Korean Hallyu stars who have tried growing out their locks for their fans. Some hairstyles were loved by fans and others – well.. not so much. Ever since his debut, CNU sported this long bob style … Read more LONG HAIRSTYLES FOR GUYS

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