Sometimes it seems that stylists have run out of ideas. When all hope is lost, they look to other things (in this case, food) for new ideas to boost their creativity. In these hairstyles, it seems stylists tried mimicking the iconic Asian favorite – ramen! The problem is… they did too well copying its stringy, bouncy texture. You’ll see memes of these hairstyles everywhere online and for good reason~

korean kpop idol boy band group bap zelo ramen hairstyles hair for guys kpopstuff

B.A.P – Zelo

The members of B.A.P all went blonde for this concept during their debut. Yes this Warrior era hairstyle had fans and non-fans alike wondering “what was the stylist thinking?” (rewatch it HERE ~> B.A.P – Warrior MV )


korean kpop idol boy band group exo exo-k chen ramen hair curly hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

EXO – Chen

The sweet vocal of EXO was seen walking out of Music Bank with this curly hairstyle. It’s less curlier than all the other hairstyles on this list, and it looks so much better~


korean kpop idol boy band group b2st beast hyunseung curly hairstyles ramen hair for guys kpopstuff

BEAST/B2ST – Hyunseung

Hyunseung can pull off a lot of hairstyles, but this might be crossing the line. The super-curly twists going outward in spikes make his face look a lot flatter. Umm… Maybe the stylist was going for an afro??


korean kpop idol boy band group big bang gdragon GD GDragon ramen hair curly hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

Big Bang – GDragon

Even the fashionista and iconic producer GDragon can’t pull off this awkward ramen hairstyle~


These crazy (but cute) hairstyles remind you that even Kpop idols can’t pull off some styles~ Feel better anyone?




Written by Yooj