“Ko Ko Bop” – EXO’s Two-Block Hair

Exo just released their new MV “Ko Ko Bop,” and it’s already on its way to setting new records! “Ko Ko Bop” swept the music charts, and it has 3 million+ views only 5 hours after its release. The MV has a ton of new styles that are just waiting to be the next big trend. One thing … Read more “Ko Ko Bop” – EXO’s Two-Block Hair


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Sometimes it seems that stylists have run out of ideas. When all hope is lost, they look to other things (in this case, food) for new ideas to boost their creativity. In these hairstyles, it seems stylists tried mimicking the iconic Asian favorite – ramen! The problem is… they did too well copying its stringy, bouncy … Read more RAMEN HAIRSTYLES

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