Red Velvet’s Two-Tone Hairstyle

Summer’s coming to a close, at least up in the States. Fall has made it’s way in. Sweaters to match the chilly winds, along with our favorite drinks to keep us warm while we wait for the long winter to pass by. So long to our favorite pair of shorts, high ponytails, ice-cold drinks, and all of the warm summer heat! While we bid summer good bye, let’s take one last look at summer’s representative girl group, Red Velvet! I think it’s getting to be pretty clear that Red Velvet is making themselves the next generation’s summer girlgroup! They’re songs are fun, upbeat, and catchy, which is perfect for the summer! In addition to becoming one of the reasons my playlist looks forward to summer, the Red Velvet members also are the reason everyone’s style diaries are flooded during the summer! From space buns to Two-Block Cuts, these girls are great at making and keeping up with all the latest style trends, especially hair trends! The trend that I’m going to be showing you guys is from their debut as the beginning of a rookie girl group! When they first debuted, I’m sure that their bright, two-toned styles caught a lot of our eyes! So let’s take a little trip down memory lane and check out Red Velvet’s Two-Tone Hairstyles from their “Happiness” era!

Red Velvet’s Two-Tone Hairstyles from “Happiness”



From the moment her teaser image was revealed, Irene was basically hailed into the Hall of Fame of Femal Visuals. Her visual title isn’t going anywhere! Irene has soft, girly, but attractive features, which makes the hot pink a perfect choice for her! It accentuates her feminine features, all while making her look seem a lot more fun and hip than the usual girl-next-door looks!


Seulgi is what a lot of fans call a “classic beauty.” While a lot of female visuals these days have very girly, cute and loveable features, Seulgi has a visual aura that is more mature. Like her visuals, she chose orange as her two-tone hairstyle! It’s not necessarily considered a very femenine color, but it sure makes a visual statement!


Wendy has always had a fun, spunky look to her. She looks like she’d be the one to make the most laugh in class! With her spunky visuals, the electric blue went really well! It defined her features, and highlighted her already unique and fun visuals!


I feel like green is such a fitting color on Joy! While her looks have matured a lot since her debut, Joy’s smile has always stayed the same. Joy has a more girl-next-door vibe to her visual, which makes green suit her really well. Only she could manage to make a darker color like green look pretty and feminine!

I hope you had a fun time looking through Red Velvet’s Two-Tone hairstyles from way back when! Even though they brought these styles back in 2014, it’s not too late to try it now! The two-tone styles are still trending! Check out some two-toned styles from more recently!

Hwang Seung Un’s Two-Tone Hair

Red Velvet’s Irene’s Two-Toned Hair

Red Velvet Yeri’s See-Through Bangs on ‘Rookie’

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