The Parting Perm Combined with the Two Block for a HOT STYLE

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Everyone who’s dipped their feet into the Hallyu world knows that The Two Block Haircut is the latest trending look, seen all around the streets of Seoul. But a new look has emerged, fusing the two block haircut with a parting perm two create THIS latest HOT STYLE!    But first, let’s shock you with … Read more The Parting Perm Combined with the Two Block for a HOT STYLE


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Those in the Western world are probably used to hearing about Pomade hairstyles, but for those who aren’t so hair-savvy and don’t know what pomade is…here you go: Pomade is a greasy substance, essentially like a wax or gel, that is used to style hair. This Pomade hairstyle tidies-up messy hairlines to create a clean-cut, … Read more CLEAN-CUT POMADE


korean kdrama goblin actor gong yoo parting perm hairstyle hair for guys kpop idol kpopstuff

The Korean drama Goblin has been making headlines (and records) for its star-studded cast and ratings. Goblin has dominated viewership records both domestically and internationally; surpassing popular Kdramas such as Descendants of the Sun and Legend of the Blue Sea! It tells the story of a Goblin, searching for his human bride to put an end … Read more GONG YOO’S GOBLIN HAIRSTYLE

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