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The Kdrama Goblin has soared through Asia’s most-watched drama charts, and the unique plot and handsome actors have been attracting attention from overseas as well. Korean actor Lee Dong Wook, having starred in Kdramas including Bubblegum, Blade Man, and Hotel King, plays a very different character in this fantasy drama. He is the quirky, amnesiac … Read more LEE DONG WOOK’S GOBLIN HAIRSTYLE


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We all at times want what we don’t have, and it seems to be the same with hair. Those with straight hair want curls and curly haired ladies want sleek, straight hair. For those curly-haired gals who are tired of their tangled curls, here’s an appreciation post for you! These Korean kpop idols and actresses … Read more CURLY HAIR


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The Korean drama Goblin has been making headlines (and records) for its star-studded cast and ratings. Goblin has dominated viewership records both domestically and internationally; surpassing popular Kdramas such as Descendants of the Sun and Legend of the Blue Sea! It tells the story of a Goblin, searching for his human bride to put an end … Read more GONG YOO’S GOBLIN HAIRSTYLE

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