BTS Jungkook’s Hair Color Changes Over the Years

Are you ready to look at everyone’s favorite idol group’s maknae and Jungkook’s hair? Keep reading!

Since BTS is all the rage this year and for years to come, it’s only right that we post a couple articles on them! There hasn’t been much update on BTS in general, since they’re no currently promoting. However, they did earn a spot on TIME’s list of the Most Influential People on the Internet. And Rap Monster’s having an upcoming collab with Wale. And there’s the same old news that they topped the male group brand rankings again. I guess even when they aren’t particularly busy, there’s always updates on the group.

The member that we’ll be reveiwing today is the maknae, Jungkook! He’s mostly kept his hair colors pretty natural, since he did start off as an idol at a younger age. His colors are usually on the brown to black spectrum, so it’s great for those looking for a natural but great looking new color! Take a look at the gallery below to find some inspiration from different Jungkook’s Hair colors!

Honey Blonde and Brown

Jungkook’s hair color here is a mix of honey brown and blone. He has the honey brown color as his base and adds platinum blonde highlights. This is probably one of his flashiest colors.


It’s probably impossible to find any idol that has never had their hair dyed black, and for good reason. Black is probably the closest color to his Jungkook’s natural hair color, so it doesn’t surprise anyone when he look so good in it.

Diry Blonde

This dirty blonde color is light enough to give a fresh feel to the look, but it also isn’t a blindingly bright color. Even if your original hair color is much darker, dirty blonde can definetely give a natural look like it does to Jungkook here.


Jungkook’s purple and red hair color that he sported during the Skool Luv Affair mini album promotions were one of his wildest hair colors to this day. Here, his hair look much more red-tinted than purple, but it looks like his color changed depending on the light. Some other pictures give more of a purple tint that a red. It’s a unique color that might be scary to get, but idols like Jungkook seem to always be able to pull it off.


Hazlenut Brown

Although it’s another brown hair color like the first picture, this color is a bit darker and warm-toned. The color look really natural as well, so if anyone is looking for a more natural color, this would be for you!



Jungkook’s hair during their “Dope” promotions was a deep purple. It started off as a very strong and dark color, but as the dye wore off, there was a combination of purple and dark brown. Later, like in the second picture, the dark purple wore off into a lighter lavender tone.

Chestnut Brown and Pink Highlights

For their most recent comeback, Jungkook sported this unique combination of colors. He used a light, toastes chestnut brown for his base color, and added the pink highlights. In the music video his highlights were a stronger pink, but it seems like he let the dye fade out over time so that it blended in with the rest of his hair.

Hope you enjoyed the post of Junkook’s hair colors! He definetely has a lot of natural colors, so I think this post would be really helpful for a lot of people. Which color do you want to try out the most?


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2016 Men’s Winter Fashion Trend-“Double Sweaters”

Fall is coming to a close here up north, and the snow seems to be as eager as ever to come down and make our lives miserable. But for now, we’ll put the thoughts of shoveling driveways aside and focus on the exciting part-SWEATERS! Hands down my favorite thing to wear ever, my whole winter wardrobe is basically every kind of sweater in every kind of color.


The celebs in Korea seem to love sweaters as much as I do, becuase the latest Men’s Fashion Trend amongst Korean celebrities is the “Double Sweater” outfit. The concept of the trend is really simple (thankfully), a sweater/coat over another sweater. Yes, you might get a little sweaty or stuffy in there, but fashion always comes with sacrifice, no? Either way, no one can deny that this winter’s fashion trend in Korea is as cozy as it can get!


Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun

Halllyu star Kim Soo Hyun was seen with this outfit while supporting Actress Gong Hyo Jin’s newest movie “Missing” at its premier.

Warm brown tones-perfect color for winter!
Warm brown tones-perfect color for winter!


Black on Black with just a pop of white
Black on Black with just a pop of white


Dino of Seventeen
Dino of Seventeen

Dino of Seventeen was seen wearing this 2-sweater outfit while he was on the way to take his college enterance exams! (Let’s hope he did well)


V of BTS
V of BTS

V (aka Taehyung) of BTS wears a simple black turtlenck with a longer plaid coat as he stepped out of the airport, with a cute little mask as a bonus.


Woozi of Seventeen
Woozi of Seventeen

Woozi of Seventeen also was wearing the “double sweater” trend in his recent photoshoot with Dazed Korea. Love the coat’s unique design!


Woozi of Seventeen
Woozi of Seventeen

Woozi is again seen sporting the “double sweater” look in his concept photo for Seventeen’s comeback. (I’m an avid Carat, if anyone hasn’t noticed) This outfit is one of my personal favorites, with a thick plaid sweater and a denim jacket over it.


That tops it off for today’s update! I thought that it would be nice for some more fashion updates for guys as well, so I hope that if we have any male readers, they were able to enjoy today’s post and have a few inspiriations. Comment/post below what “double sweater” outfits you guys could come up with!

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