SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle Hairstyle

I think we all know about the Two-Block, Poodle Bang and Hippie Perm hairstyle by now. They’re a popular choice for a lot of female idols, but what about males? Well, the male idols have a pretty similar style that we like to call the Ramen hairstyle. The Ramen hair had it’s glory days in the 2013-2015 … Read more SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle Hairstyle

Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles

The two-block hairstyle is probably one of the hottest styles in Korea and most of Asia right now. Almost all the guys in Korea have it, and even more idols! Seventeen’s Joshua already showed that he’s a big fan, as well as the BTS members! But, let’s be honest for a moment, and ask the … Read more Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles

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