“Ko Ko Bop” – EXO’s Two-Block Hair

Exo just released their new MV “Ko Ko Bop,” and it’s already on its way to setting new records! “Ko Ko Bop” swept the music charts, and it has 3 million+ views only 5 hours after its release. The MV has a ton of new styles that are just waiting to be the next big trend. One thing … Read more “Ko Ko Bop” – EXO’s Two-Block Hair

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Two-Block Hairstyle


Yesterday, we made a lookbook of all of Seveneen Joshua’s hair colors, and I noticed that he had a similar part! For almost all the hair colors Jisoo tried, he’s paired it with with this exact hairstyle. While he has his hair down a lot of the time, he has this hairstyle a lot as … Read more SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Two-Block Hairstyle

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