The Uniform Look in Kpop

Anyone who’s even vaguely familiar with Kpop has probably seen at least one group with the school girl/boy concept. So many groups have tried it, that it would be hard to even think of a group that hasn’t at least experimented with the concept a bit. From boy groups to girl groups, no one’s left out of this concept! And even if you haven’t a lot of the school concept outfit designs are in the everyday outfits of idols. Flared skirts, blazers, clean blouses, and those huge bows around the collar aren’t always used in a uniform look. They’re still used with other outfit combinations for even more fashion trends! But, the Uniform Look is such a classic staple in the Kpop Fashion world, that I felt like we would have to make at least one post about it! It’s been around for as long as time, but we’ll just shorten it down to some of the most recent and popular outfits that we’ve been seeing, from both the guys and girls!

The Uniform Look


Astro kept it nice and simple in their photos for their first mini-album, “Spring Up,” with matching outfits! A white blazer and a tie was all they needed to pull in the look.

A lot of times, the uniform looks are usually used for bright and youthful concepts, and it’s become a trend lately for rookie girl groups to use those concepts. But, when Blackpink had their latest comeback with “As if It’s Your Last,” they used the uniform look for a totally different concept! To a lot of the fans’ surprise, they chose to stick with their girl crush concept, and used the uniforms to keep them looking sophisticated and chic.


A lot of casual BTS fans might be surprised to learn that BTS did, in fact, have a school-boy phase. So far, it’s been proven pretty much inevitable to have this phase in the Kpop world. For this comeback, “Just One Day,” BTS usually came out in these outfits, with their white blazers and preppy sweaters.


Gfriend is one of the hallmark girl groups of the schoolgirl concept among the third-generation idols. And for their comeback with ‘Rough,” they went along with the uniforms to match their innocent concept! For their album cover, they each had their own small touches on their outfits. While they all had the same classic, plaid skirt, they mixed and matched each of their sweaters and ribbons to add some nice touches.


When Lovelyz first debuted, they definitely caught my eye with their matching uniforms! Even though it’s such a classic look, the matching uniform trend seemed to die out a bit before their debut. But, with their debut and other girl groups using the school girl concept, it caught back on and is still trending!


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