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Sunmi’s Fashion Looks – Daily Outfit Lookbook

Sunmi has been getting so much love from fans and non-fans (if there are any?) alike with her recent comeback with ‘Gashina.’ While the song is C.R.A.Z.Y catchy, netizens have been especially praising her performance of this song on stage, commenting on her professionalism and entrancing facial expressions. If you haven’t watched it yet, be sure to take a look! Today we’ll be looking at a few of Sunmi’s fashion looks that showcase many different sides to the “original Kpop” singer, and which have started trending among young people in Korea.


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Perfect for the lady-bosses, this is great business attire for those wanting to look professional and be comfortable at a long day in the office, or those rushing to a meeting after their 10-hour flight lands. The pinstripe patterned lady-suit is a must have closet item, and Sunmi showcases her accessories in this look. Her watch adds a bit of contrast to the outfit, while her pointed, spiral-adorned heels add an element of surprise.


korea korean kpop idol girl group band gashina sunmi's fashion looks casual t shirt denim shorts daily lookbook outfit styles girls women kpopstuff

Ah~ yes. The quintessential high school/college outfit for the hipster in all of us. This original look can never go wrong, and it’s very easy to style. Just pair an oversized, white T with your favorite pair of denim shorts. To perfect Sunmi’s fashion look, though, don’t forget the matching belt and boots combo!


korea korean kpop idol girl group band gashina sunmi's fashion looks daily casual leather jacket high waisted jeans style outfits girls women kpopstuff

Sunmi’s HOT biker-girl look is my favorite outfit from this lookbook, hands down. First off, I just wanna put this out there: if you don’t have a pair of high-waisted denim jeans, you need to get one NOW. Seriously, you will never make a better decision that influences your closet. High-waisted jeans make your legs look longer and waist look smaller, which is the look many of us want to go for.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see how Sunmi completes this look. Nothing is sexier than black, and Sunmi knows it, too. She pairs a black V-neck T-shirt with a black leather jacket, and a black, Chanel-adorned belt to match.


korea korean kpop idol girl group band gashina sunmi's fashion looks denim shorts tanktop casual outfit lookbook for girls women kpopstuff

For hot and sticky summer days, dressing down is the way to go. But nobody wants to sacrifice their fashion just because of the weather, and this outfit from Sunmi’s fashion lookbook list shows us how we can do just that! Sunmi’s fashion consists of a dark green, thin-strapped tank and frayed denim shorts. Very simple, casual, and giving off tons of spring vibes.


korea korean kpop idol girl group band gashina sunmi's fashion looks floral dress cute black walkmans outift lookbook inspirations girls women kpopstuff

Sunmi goes girlier for this look, and we can’t help but be jealous at how she can work any image and concept. Sunmi wears a floral, sleeveless dress and pairs it with black “Walkers” (which is Korean slang for combat boots). Although you might think this combo clashes, Sunmi pulls it off with no problem.


korea korean kpop idol girl group band gashina sunmi's fashion looks red floral dress pleated skirt airport outfit lookbook for girls women kpopstuff

What’s more comfortable for a long, international flight than a breezy, easy-to-wear dress? Notice that there are a few similarities to these two looks: floral print, bucket hat, and of course, the below-the-knee dress; but these two outfits show two totally different styles of Sunmi’s fashion. The first gives off womanly, prepared for runway vibes, while the other is more of a casual street style. The floral-print, blood-red dress is paired with a white bucket hat and white slip ons while the pink, pleated dress is paired with more darker colors: black bucket hat, dark floral-print tote, and black Dr. Martens.

Before the weather gets too cold, make sure to jump on the long dress/casual shoe bandwagon!


What was your favorite outfit in Sunmi’s fashion lookbook? Did you get some helpful inspiration?

Let us know in the comments~


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