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Many Hallyu fans have probably at least heard of one of tvN’s newest dramas, Goblin.  Not only did it set a new record for the cable channel in terms of viewer ratings, the fashion shown throughout the drama was a trending search as well. We’ll be looking at the Goblin fashion trend and featuring one outfit from each of the main male characters.

Gong Yoo

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“Goblin” stills

Perhaps the most popular fashion trend of all is the oversize coat trend. This coat in particular is recieving the most attention. Worn by Gong Yoo in episode 3 of the series, this coat is quickly becoming a popular item, despite it’s high price.

Coat: Lanolin Paris 2016 Fall-Winter Coat

Price: $3,310


Lee Dong Wook

korea korean drama kdrama goblin fashion trend oversized sweater lee dong wook style kpopstuff
“Goblin” Stills

While Gong Yoo often wears a lot of extremely high-end clothes that are made by companies tailored towards the middle-age audiences, Lee Dong Wook seems to favor relatively cheaper and more youthful outfits.

Sweater: General Idea Angora Knit Cardigan

Price: $312


Yook Sung Jae

korea korean drama kdrama goblin fashion trend sweater yook sungjae btob kpop idol style kpopstuff
“Goblin” Stills

Sweater: NOHANT Numbering Knit Sweater

Price: $250


What do you think? Are these looks worthy of trending in the fashion markets right now?

Will you be taking part in the oversized sweater fashion included in Goblin’s fashion trend?



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The currently airing Korean drama, Goblin, has hit a new milestone in viewer ratings and its newest episode just aired! It seems that there will be lots of tears shed and tissues used for the next coming episodes ㅠㅠ… However, on the bright side, Sungjae’s character just oozes adorableness throughout all the episodes! BTOB’s Yook Sungjae … Read more SUNGJAE’S GOBLIN HAIRSTYLE

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