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The Kdrama Goblin has soared through Asia’s most-watched drama charts, and the unique plot and handsome actors have been attracting attention from overseas as well. Korean actor Lee Dong Wook, having starred in Kdramas including Bubblegum, Blade Man, and Hotel King, plays a very different character in this fantasy drama. He is the quirky, amnesiac Grim Reaper who comes to have a bromance with Gong Yoo’s character and a love line with Yoo In Na’s character. Since this drama has been gaining a lot of overseas interest in the fashion/hair markets, today we’ll review Lee Dong Wook’s Goblin hairstyle.

Here is his effortless look in the drama:

Korean drama goblin actor lee dong wook's goblin hairstyle curly permed wavy hair hairstyles for guys kpop kpopstuff


The hairstyle he has is a shadow perm, and I recommend this style for those with thinner hair, as it makes your hair look thicker and give you more fuller head of hair.

Tip: If you want handsomeness x2, put on a curl cream and make the curls spring alive!


korean kdrama drama goblin actor lee dong wook's goblin hairstyle curly wavy hair hairstyle hairstyles for guys kpop idols kpopstuff


Very natural and effortless, this hairstyles takes at least 5 years off your actual age! ㅋㅋ

korean drama kdrama goblic actor lee dong wook's goblin hairstyle grim reaper role wavy permed hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff men


Follow Lee Dong Wook’s Goblin hairstyle, consisting of a shadow perm and find yourself looking more youthful and handsome for the new season~



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