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The Hime Cut – A Japanese Look Trending in Korea

The latest trending Kpop hairstyle is a Japanese look?! While Korea and Japan have had some strained relations in the past, pop culture has played a part in bringing them ever closer together. The Hime cut has officially been adopted by big-name Korean stars that have helped in popularizing this look to the Korean public. Anime fans and cosplayers can rejoice (or maybe not so much), knowing that you’ll see this unique style all over Korea from now on.

Well, What is the Hime Cut ?

The Hime cut is a Japanese hairstyle prevalent in anime, consisting of a front fringe and blunt sidelocks that frame the face. It looks very similar to the Two Block Cut for Women , with its drastic, not-so-natural layering from short to long.

girl band group hime cut haircut for girls and women - japanese style
        A traditional Hime Cut
Japanese anime cosplay hime cut Korean kpop idol hairstyle haircut
A traditional Japanese Hime Cut











Hime Cut Inspirations :

idol girl group band actress go jun hee short bob hime cut hairstyle
Go Jun Hee

When in need of hair inspiration, actress Go Jun Hee is a good place to start. The one and only hair queen of the Hallyu world, Go Jun Hee was seen at a beauty event with this trending look. Notice her hime cut fuses with the bob look, which is another trend she’s credited to have contributed to.


Twice momo hime cut Korean Kpop idol hairstyle haircut korean
Twice Momo’s Hime Cut

Momo pulls off the Hime Cut with girly-flair and elegance. As “Japan’s first love” and “little sister,” I had to include her in this post. Twice’s Momo has a style that fuses the epitome of goddess and cute schoolgirl. Her beach waves start from where her hime cut ends, which emphasizes just how small her face is.


girls day hyeri short straight hime cut with natural black long hair for women
Girl’s Day – Hyeri

Another queen of short hair looks, Girls Day’s Hyeri utilizes the hime cut in two different styles. The first is sleek and straight, while the other hime cut has the shorter hairs blending in naturally with her slight waves.


idol girl band group actress clara with long short hime cut

First of all, FASHION ON POINT! We all know Clara is a fashionista, and as they say, hair is the greatest accessory!  This is a good side view that shows off Clara’s hime cut; shorter hairs in the front and longer hair in the back.


gfriend yuju hime cut with natural long hairstyles with two block
Gfriend – Yuju

I really like this hair look on Yuju. This is the Hime style we’re seeing on a lot of idols these days. With longer hair and a little bit of C-curls at the ends, the hime cut looks much more softer and natural; very different from the traditional hime look.

I would say the hime cut is very similar to the women’s two block. The hime cut seems to involve cutting the shorter hairs to frame the face while the two block haircut is more bold and involves a lot more short hair.


Ok. So now we’re just waiting for male Kpop idols to adopt this look.

But wait: they already have! I know many (if not all) of you will hate me for delving back into the dark days of Kpop, but I know you were all thinking of Heechul’s tragic Hime cut ~

boy band group super junior heechul hime cut long hair for guys
Super Junior – Heechul

But in all seriousness, if the Hime cut goes wrong, it goes VERY wrong… So guys, unless you want to look like this dude here, please make sure your stylist knows what they’re doing before diving into this anime inspired look.

comedian funny hime cut hairstyle - you do not want to look like this


Also, if there’s anyone who knows what “hime ” means in Japanese, please let us know in the comments section below!  Now, go get that hime cut!


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Ref: Cosmopolitan Korea

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