Sunmi’s Teal Smokey Eye in “Gashina”

Sunmi and her teal smokey eye look in the “Gashina” music video has been doing really well these days. And she’s getting a lot of attention! She’s topping almost all the major music charts, even though its been a week since the release. It doesn’t look like there’s anyone who’s getting tired of the song yet! The music video for “Gashina” was pretty interesting as well. Vintage fashion, and simple-but-unique makeup looks were definitely the focal point of the video. One of the most unique looks that we saw in the music video was Sunmi’s minty-teal smoke eye! Now, I’m pretty sure we all know what a smokey eye looks like, but with a bright color like mint teal? It sounds like a complete disaster, but she pulled it off pretty well! In fact, some people thought it looked so good, that they want to give the look a go for themselves! If you’re one of those people, check out this tutorial for Lee Sunmi and her smokey eye makeup look in”Gashina!

Sunmi’s Teal Smokey Eye in “Gashina” Tutorial

Step 1

Fill in your eyebrows with a yellow-toned brown color in a straight line. Add a cool, yellow-based brown onto the lid. Then add a slightly peachy-pink onto the top and bottom of the eyelid. Make sure to add some of the color past the eye crease as well!

Step 2

Take another dip of the peachy-pink eyeshadow and focus it on the tail of your eyelid. Then, take a Q-tip with cleansing water to carefully remove the shadow that’s right above the lash line. This will help you to get a cleaner eyeline.

Step 3

Take either a shimmery mint green, teal, or sky-blue shadow with a precision eyeshadow brush and draw a thick line with the color. Take it all the way from the inner corner of your eye to the end. Add a bit of the excess onto the lower aegyossal area of your eye.

Step 4


Take another dip into the teal/mint green/blue color and make a small little wing outwards with the eyeshadow. Then, take a small brush and shimmery silver eyeshadow and place it right in the inner corner of your eye. The model here is using silver, but I think that a blue-toned eyeshadow, or even a gold eyeshadow could work too. Just as long as there’s a lot of shimmer!

Step 5

Curl your eyelashes and if you want, add some falsies! Take a mint green colored mascara and apply it just to the tips of your lower lashes. This will probably help to make your eyes pop, and accentuate the blue shadow. Then, take a black eyeliner and draw a clean, thin line. Start from the inner corner of your eye and extend it just to the end of the eye. No cat eyes for today’s look! Also, if you choose to skip the false lashes, then it might help if you tightline with a black eyeliner too, just to make the waterline look filled.

Sunmi’s Teal Smokey Eye: Final Look

Here’s another tip if you want the look to have a more “smokey” effect. Use a light blue eyeshadow, and blend it at the inner corner and ends of your eyelids. It’ll look like a much more natural gradient, and the blue mixed in with pink will look darker.  Now you know exactly how to get the same teal smokey eye look that Sunmi had from the Gashina music video.  Look for more music videos of Sunmi songs to see how she’ll trend on the fashion front.


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