EXO Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power” + Tips and Tricks

EXO just had a comeback with “Power,” and everyone in the Kpop world knows exactly what that means. It’s going to be basically all we talk about for a week. So, I thought that we might as well join in on the “Power” bandwagon, since there’s no way anyone’s going to avoid it. One thing that stood out to me the entire music video was all the member’s unique makeup looks. Particularly Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power”.

Sure, since it was an outer-space concept the makeup was more bizarre, but we still have to give major props to the makeup artists. Especially the makeup artist that put yellow eyeshadow on Chen.  I never noticed it before, but not a whole lot of idols have ventured into the yellow eyeshadow zone. It’s rarely ever used, and when it is, it’s usual only used under the eyes, or for a base. But, in “Power,” Chen’s yellow eyeshadow was the star of his look. I definitely hope that some more Kpop artist will catch onto the trend! So, here’s a look at EXO Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power”!

And, after we go through the gallery for Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power”, we’ll be going over just a few, simple tips for wearing the look! Enjoy!


EXO Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power” + Tips and Tricks

EXO Chen's yellow eye makeup - look up....

EXO Chen's yellow eye makeup look - dazzling?

EXO Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power” is really simple, as you can see here. From the looks of it, a yellow-brown, orange, and a bright yellow may be the only three colors that he used here, which is surprising. Most idols have multiple layers for their eye makeup, but Chen’s makeup is pretty simple! He uses a yellow-toned brown as his base, then adds the bright yellow on top of his base! What’s pretty interesting is that the yellow-brown color is only on the central part of his eyelid. The yellow eyeshadow is really just applied on the outer corners and above his eyelid, while the orange shadow is on the tails of his eyes. What you get is a kind of sunset ombre look, with yellow as the starring color.

How to pull it off like EXO Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power”

So, if you’re hooked on Chen’s look, why not give it a go yourself? Yellow is brown, but a few shades lighter. So, it looks great on any skin tone! Don’t be scared to try it out! Before you do, here’s a few tips and tricks to remember.

  • A true, bright yellow is the best, and is universally flattering

Not ready for the full-out orange?

  • Light, warm pastel tones of yellow should be used for pale shades
  • Amber yellows mixed with oranges and browns should be used for darker shades
  • And lastly, since yellow itself is a bright color, it’s best to just wear it as is, like Chen did in his music video. Keeping the rest of your makeup more toned-down helps to let the yellow pop, and make the look more natural.

We’ll soon be reviewing the looks from Ko Ko Bop!  Chen Ko Ko Bop?  Ko ko bop Chanyeol?  Or Suho Ko Ko Bop?  Well, we’ll definitely have some EXO candy for you soon based on Ko Ko Bop.


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