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The Two Block Haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles in Korean right now, and there are many variations and interpretations to the style. Today we’re bringing you another HOT style on the market that the gentlemen will especially fall in love with: the clean two block haircut.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group the two block haircut half dyed perm and dye hairstyle guys hairstyles men kpopstuff
Source: Naver

As we’ve previously mentioned, there are three main lengths to the two block hairstyle: short, medium, and long. This hairstyle is an in-between of the short and medium lengths, which is essential to the clean two block haircut.

The hair near the crown is kept longer, and a volume perm is given so that hair doesn’t look flat and dead. The layer underneath is more of an undercut, which is what makes the look so clean cut.


korea korean kpop idol boy group band hot style trend the two block haircut perm and dye colors hairstyles guys hairstyle men kpopstuff
Source: Naver

For this look, mostly browns and blacks, darker shades were used but the pop of red was utilized for a highlighted, modern finish.


This dye job might remind us of SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Half-Dyed Hair, with the two different blocks of color. This look is more subtle, however, using similar color combinations that blend together naturally.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group haircuts the clean two block haircut hairstyels guys hairstyle men dye and perm kpopstuff
Source: Naver

The bangs are kept at a golden length of 9 millimeters, so that it’s not too short or too long. Typically, bangs should be cut right above (or close to) your eyebrows.

The volume perm that was given also helps to style bangs easier, with air drying being the easiest, simplest solution.


This hair look is perfect for family gatherings, meetings, and other formal occasions due to it’s clean-cut but trendy finish.



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