BTS Suga’s Black Airport Fashion Looks

If you’re an ARMY, you’ve probably already heard the news through about a million tweets and thousands of articles, but just to remind you: BTS is going to release a remix of MIC DROP featuring DESIIGNER, they just got invited to make an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and will be performing at the AMAs this year. YES, it’s going to happen, BTS is rapidly overtaking American entertainment, and we can’t wait! I’ve never watched the AMAs, but this year I know I’ll be streaming it live… just for BTS. With all this exciting news, I couldn’t help but want to write about my ultimate bias group. ARMY’s are already wondering about what the group will wear for their appearance in America, and some of us are already warning stylists to stay away from any wacky hairstyles and horrible fashion. (I genuinely hope they will listen to our pleads…) But their last appearance at the Billboard Music Awards was, much to our surprise, actually a little more than decent, so all hope isn’t lost. Besides, our boys can pull off almost anything. Their fashion at the 2017 Billboard Awards was themed black, and when we think black, we can’t help but think of BTS Suga’s black fashion, so let’s look at a some of Grandpa Min’s airport looks!


korea korean kpop idol boy band group bangtan yoongi bts suga's black airport fashion winter puma ad meme fashion styles guys men kpopstuff

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While Suga is often mistaken to be a little bit emo and cold-hearted, true fans all know he’s a relatable, living meme. His love for the color black really relates to all of us with dead, done souls who literally live in black clothes ALL THE TIME…

BTS Suga’s Black, Biker-Boy Outfit
korea korean kpop idol boy band group bts bangtan yoongi bts suga's black airport fashion leather jacket fall weather looks outfits guys boys kpopstuff

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I couldn’t help but start off with my favorite outfit of the bunch: this look right here. It’s sooo black, just like my dead soul and ruined bias list.

Suga wears a black turtleneck with black pants and ankle boots. The highlight to the outfit is the smooth, leather jacket, where the silver lining is complemented by the silver-buckled belt. The black cap and Suga’s Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 Bandouliere completes this bad, biker boy look, and I’m seriously in love with it… After all, we all have a soft spot for emotionally vulnerable bad boys on motorcyclesright?

BTS Suga’s Black Runway Look
korea korean kpop idol boy band group bangtan yoongi bts suga's black airport fashion casual winter warm outfit style coat looks for guys men kpopstuff

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This look is runway material. The turtleneck and silver-buckled belt is back again, only this time it’s paired with a black wool coat. Yoongi pairs dress shoes with cuffed pants for the classic gentleman look.

To be honest, this looks like it would be worn in a Kdrama, specifically by the rich chaebol CEO who’s also a gentleman with a heart of gold that somehow the female lead doesn’t ever notice. But we all know Suga’s not second-lead material, as he’s probably wrecking your bias list already with these pictures… 

BTS Suga’s Black, Casual Boyfriend Look
korea korean kpop idol boy band group bts bangtan yoongi bts suga's black airport fashion fall winter casual flight outfit styles guys men kpopstuff

Source: Chosun News

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, this look is the way to go. Very boyfriend material, but still screaming fashion, Suga wears a plain, lettered-T with a black, denim jacket.

The key point to this look is all in the accessories: the chic clutch, black shades, and the grey beanie complete the cozy, ” ultimate boyfriend-goals” look.

BTS Suga’s Black, STAR-Status Look
korea korean kpop idol boy band group bangtan yoongi bts suga's black airport fashion casual flightwear styles outfits looks for guys men kpopstuff

Source: TenAsia

For warmer weather, nothing else oozes “Yeah, I’m a STAR” more than this outfit. Suga pairs a plain, black button-up with black dress pants and platform, lace-up loafers, but what really makes this the chic outfit idols are known for wearing is the silver accents popping out in the look: the detailing on Suga’s belt and the silver rings hanging from his black cap. The outfit itself is so simple, but true STARS know that it’s all in the details.

TIP: If you feel like you need to spice it up a little but aren’t sure what to pair with your black clothes, ALWAYS go for silver details. You can never go wrong with black and silver.   

I’ve noticed I really love Suga’s bag choices, so I’ve scoured the internet to find this certain model he holds here. For those who are looking for this bag, it looks to be the Saint Laurent Duffle 24 bag. 


Well, there you have it. Which one of BTS Suga’s black-inspired outfits did you like the most? Should I keep going on a black outfit spree? Let us know in the comments!



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