Seventeen’s Mint Hair Colors

It looks like I’m already falling behind schedule. Seventeen’s TEEN,AGE concept photos were somehow already released while I was unknowingly going about my day, so here I am, last minute and late to the party once again. I’m sure we’re all super excited, since it looks like this comeback could be a step away from their usual boy-next-door image and into the mature (or maybe emo) end of the boyband concept spectrum. Their album tracklist was released about two days ago as well, and we’ve already got anticipated collaborations with in the group (Rocket team, anyone?), relatable song titles (Shoot Me), and new members participating in the song making is almost too much for us to handle! So, while we impatiently wait for the bomb to drop on Novermber 6th and 6pm KST to mark the explosion of our wallets from buying all 56 versions of the album, we’re busying ourselves with these concept photos. They sure are a big change from the usual Seventeen image! There’s was a ton going on, but being the aesthetic-obsessed blogger I am, I couldn’t help but love Vernon and S.Coups’ hair colors. It’s the icy-tone that I absolutely adore. And that got me thinking, I feel like I’ve seen those icy blues on some other Seventeen members! So, here’s a quick little rundown on Seventeen’s Mint Hair Colors to keep you distracted until the big day finally comes!


Seventeen’s Mint Hair Colors



Here, Hoshi has a nice obmre of a bright, cool-toned turquoise at the roots of the crown of his head, with all of the rest of his hair a platinum blonde. It only lasted a few brief, glorious moments during their “Mansae” promotions, but we all loved it nonetheless. He brought back summer during September, just with his hairstyle!

During the winter, Hoshi changed his hair back from his year-long blonde back into this icy blue, only he did the opposite effect this time! The roots of the crown his head is his original dirty-blonde, and from halfway down, he has the icy light-blue.



Seungcheol had the same icy blue as Hoshi two years ago, but his color got a lot brighter and cleaner than Hoshi’s that we saw before. So, he got a cleaner, solid color that isn’t patchy or uneven. His color, though, is much more of a light blue and dusty silver, which came out quite softly. It doesn’t look very harsh or too bright, for some reason.




It might look like Hansol and Seungcheol have almost the same hair color, but where Seungcheol had a dusty silver and blue, Hansol’s hair color is more of just a true, bright, icy clue. So, it’s a lot more flashy and bright than the hair color that Seungcheol had. I think it goes really well and has a nice contrast with his eyes.



I’m pretty sure half of the “Boom Boom” promotions were filled with fans obsessing over Wonwoo’s hair color. While most of the other hair colors that we’ve seen were more icy light-blue tones, Wonwoo’s hair color here is the mint color that we think of most of the time, and basically why I wanted to do a post on Seventeen’s Mint Hair Colors. He does have an undercut, so it looks like there’s a dark turquoise under the hair on his crown, which I think is kind of cool. It’s the same hair color, but the lighting makes it look like 2 different tones! Definetely something you could try out the next time you go in for a new cut!


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