Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors-Hyung Line

So, if you aren’t already aware of Seventeen’s comeback with “Clap,” I, as an admin, would personally like to reccomend that you go and check it out. But, since most of us in the Kpop community have heard about their latest comeback, I think it’s time I make another Seventeen post. Just warning you guys, most of my posts will be Seventeen-related for about the next month, so get ready! I recently did a post on Seventeen’s Mint Hair Colors, out of my pure excitement over their comeback and fascination with their silvery hair colors. But now that their second has dropped, I have a lot more to talk about. So, I hope you guys bear with me these next few weeks. I was watching their most recent performance, which was either on Show Champion or MCountdown, and of course, I loved their hair. So what am I going to do? I’m going to make sure you guys know just how much I love their hair colors, of course. Have fun looking through Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors! Just a small note, that I’ll be going through the hyung line’s hairstyles this first week, then the maknae line’s colors later. I thought it’d be easier if I broke it down a bit!


Before you dive in, check out their MV for “Clap” if you haven’t already!


Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors


I think it’s pretty safe to say that “Clap” was Seungcheol’s era. And even though I already went over his hair in the previous post, it doesn’t hurt to go over a legendary look twice! I’m still confused as to what exactly his hair color is, because in some lighting angles it looks more of a silvery blonde, while others make it look like an icy silver. Either way, we know that it’s some shade of silver, so the cool-toned hairstyles are definetly in this winter!


Everyone’s wishes has been granted: the iconic grapefruit hair color is back! Joshua went viral amongst netizens at first through this hair color during their “Aju Nice” promotions, and now his BFF Jeonghan came back with the same color! I think we’re all still getting used to his shorter hair, but I have to say I’m loving Jeonghan’s hair this comeback! The pink and blonde combination is everything that anyone could ever want. Definite hair color goals, for guys and girls!


Now, before you guys point fingers at me about me being Jisoo biased(again), I’d like to clear my name and state why I used 3 pictures of him. Jisoo’s hair is still kind of a mystery to me. In some angles it looks very pinky or peachy, other angles look more blonde, and yet another lighting angle makes his hair look purple. So, what’s the truth? We’ll probably never know, but I’ll always love this color, whatever it is!

That’s it for Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors, or for the hyung line edition! I personally love all these hair colors, and would try them if I would actually be able to pull it off. To any of our guy readers out there, don’t be scared to try out one of these hair colors! Do you guys like when I break down the posts into smaller groups like this, or should I go all out with all 13 members? Let me know in the comments below!

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