LOONA Vivi’s Pink Grapefruit Hair

LOONA still hasn’t debuted as a full group yet, but all the members that have been introduced sure are busy! Some members have debuted with group promotions, while others debuted with solos! Other members are featuring in the webdrama, Our First Love Story. The triple H members, Heejin, Hyunjin, and HaSeul are starring, but Vivi is playing a pretty big role too! She plays the foreign friend of Hyunjin, whose friendship is just starting to blossom. While watching the web drama, I noticed Vivi’s hair color was so pretty! It looked almost exactly like Seventeen Joshua’s Grapefruit hair! There’s not a lot of scene’s with Vivi in it so far, so I’ll be adding some other shots from her teasers and MVs! Let’s take a look at Vivi’s Pink Grapefruit Hair!

LOONA Vivi’s Pink Grapefruit Hair – Gallery

Her hair color in the first few episodes of “Our First Love Story” looks like a very light, milky grapefruit tone. It’s a summery color, but the lighting makes it look very toned-down. Also, her bright pink lipstick makes her hair seem much more natural.


Here, Vivi’s pink grapefruit hair is more of a two-tone color. She has more orange highlights at the crown of her head, and then keeps the original grapefruit color towards the bottom.

In her teaser, Vivi had more of a pink-toned grapefruit, with less traces of purple. The ends of her hair had a lighter, milkier tint. Her crown had a more strong grapefruit dye, while the ends were kind of faded, giving an ombre effect.

Isn’t her hair color so pretty? While it’s a purple-toned pink, the bits of orange that’s added in a grapefruit-ish look that fits her perfectly! And depending on the lighting, her hair looks like a light hazel-toned pink, or a dried rose color.

Looking for other idols in this pretty hair color? Try looking at Seventeen Joshua’s take on this summery tint!

Seventeen Joshua’s Hair Colors

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