Sulli’s New Instagram Hairstyles

Sulli once again caused a stir with netizens for another one of her instagram posts. Sulli sure has a lot of fans that always like to talk about all her personal choices! This time, her hair was the topic of heated netizen discussion. No, she didn’t post another video of her DIY haircut, but she did have a fun time psyching us out! She suddenly decided to surprise us all with a post on instagram with her in platinum blonde! Some loved it, some didn’t, and made sure to tell her. But she had the last laugh when she posted another picture of her a couple days later, in black hair! She seems to be having some fun pulling the strings behind the scenes and surprising her fans and antis. It was a great troll for good laughs, and her hair looked great, so why not go over the two of Sulli’s new instagram hairstyles? Here’s a quick rundown of Sulli’s new instagram hairstyles!

Sulli’s New Instagram Hairstyles-2017

Platinum Blonde

I think it’s been a pretty long time since we’ve seen any shade of blonde on Sulli, and I don’t even know if she’s ever tried platinum blonde! She might have not tried it while in f(x) because her haistylists were hesitant of the fact that her skin is so light. But now that she’s free to experiment for herself, it looks like she decided to give it a go! She went for a more ashy-toned platinum blonde, instead of a yellow or golden-toned blonde. It almost looks like a silver tone in some angles! Her bangs are pretty interesting too! Instead of the usual, clean-cut wisp bangs that are so common, she cut and styled them for a much messier look. Her bangs are closer to a full-fringe, and she has a partial hime cut  with her bangs. She didn’t curl or style them in any particular way, so they hang loose, over her eyes.


Cropped Black

This is a much more common cut, and it looks like this is the look she settled for! She’s got her hair cropped just to the end of her chin, which is a perfect length! Not to short, not to long. So, if you’re looking into getting a short hairstyle but are hesitant, this is a nice length to test it out with! She dyed her hair a sleek black, and straightened her hair for a sleek and modern look that complements the cut really well.

Hope that you had fun with the short overview of Sulli’s new instagram hairstyles! Make sure to follow her on instagram @jelly_jilli for some more surprises!

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