The Kpop world is often described by Westerners in three words: colorful, eye-popping, and very different. Yes yes, many Korean pop bands emphasize the need for colorful and eye-popping designs. This can be said for their hair, fashion, and makeup as well. Today we will be exploring the craziest hair dyes female idols have tried… and managed to pull off!

Korean kpop idol girl band group 4minute hyuna blue purple green hair dye colorful hairstyles idol for girls kpopstuff

4minute – Hyuna

One of the C.R.A.Z.Y-est on the list, Hyuna went for a mermaid-rockstar-punk look for her Roll Deep (aka Because I’m The Best) MV featuring BTOB’s Ilhoon. This hairstyle alone spans three different hair colors. It’s a mixture of lavender, cotton candy blue, and neon green. Although this mixture of colors could’ve made her hair look like Willy Wonka threw up on it, Hyuna owns this wild hairstyle! *

Korean kpop idol girl group EXID hani green dyed ends hairstyle for girls kpopstuff

EXID – Hani

So who paused the EXID-Hot Pink music video to catch a second glimpse of Hani’s green hair? (cuz I totally did) This sea-foam green ombre is the perfect contrast to their very, very PINK music video. It looks beautiful, so soft and wavy.

Korean kpop idol girl group girl's day yura red dyed hair mermaid hair color hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

Girl’s Day – Yura

Lemme guess. You’re thinking of Ariel, aren’t you? This fiery red hairstyle makes Yura look like she just walked out of the Little Mermaid or… she’s walking around with fire on her head.


Korean kpop idol actress 2ne1 dara purple hair dye color hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

2NE1 – Dara

Dara’s purple-dyed hair is what may have launched the lavender hair craze a few years back. With her head half-shaved, doesn’t she remind you of Gdragon? Both icons in the hair and fashion world, they’re definitely the YG trendsetters.


Korean kpop idol dancer girls generation SNSD Hyoyeon rainbow candy colored dye hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

SNSD – Hyoyeon

As Girls Generation’s powerful dancer, Hyoyeon wowed audiences with her performances on the competitive dance show Hit the Stage, and she recently released her solo single Mystery! This candy-colored hairstyle suits the colorful, eye-popping world of Kpop.


Korean kpop idol girl band group t-ara Qri grey white hair dye color hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

T-ARA – Qri

This dyed hairstyle makes Qri look like she walked straight out of a manga. I mean, who knew that grey/white hair would be something that’s welcomed and loved? If only we could age like this T.T



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Written by Yooj