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Go Ara has been making viewers laugh with her quirky personality in currently airing Kdrama “Hwarang.”* Ara plays the role of a young girl named A-ro, who captures the hearts of the King (played by ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik) and commoner (with a secret) Sun Woo (played by Park Seo Joon) with her cheerful personality. However, there is more to Actress Ara than her character, A-ro! Let’s get a closer look at the actress’ personality and Go Ara’s hairstyles throughout the years~


korea korean drama kdrama hwarang actress go ara's hairstyles wavy layered haircut hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
Layered, Wavy Hair

Since her debut in the drama/movie industry in 2003, Go Ara has been known for her baby-face. At the time of her debut, she was mainly seen with the “no-makeup” makeup look and very natural hairstyles. Here she shows off her wavy-layered cut.* This haircut was big in the 90’s, but the trend is back now!


korea korean drama kdrama hwarang actress go ara boho waves hippie hair hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
Boho Waves

These tight, boho waves* add a youthful charm to the already baby-faced actress. Called the “Hippie Perm,” this early 2000’s trend is also back in style~


korea korean drama kdrama hwarang actress go ara's hairstyles fall updos side ponytail hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
The Side Pony

Here, actress Go Ara rocks a chic, side pony. This classic updo,* paired with leather sleeves and a sleeveless trench is the perfect rocker-chic look.


korea korean drama kdrama hwarang actress go ara's hairstyles wavy curly hair hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
Curly Hair

Go Ara went for curls the next time around. This curly hairstyle* creates volume and adds an elegant flair to the actress’ look.

If you want to change up your look without going for shorter hair, or just need a little extra volume, try one of many kinds of perms!


korea korean drama kdrama actress go ara's hairstyles straight lob short hair for girls kpopstuff
Straight Hair

Go Ara’s hairstyle here makes her look like a perfect, proper lady. This sleek, straight hairstyle* is personally one of my favorite of Go Ara’s hairstyles; the shoulder-length and deep side part emphasizes her perfect V-line face shape.


The actress started wearing shorter hairstyles, and many missed her longer locks. Still, other fans actually liked her new look, as it was a much needed change from her usual hairstyles.

Short Bob Hairstyle

For her drama, You’re All Surrounded, Go Ara sported a messier, curly haired bob*, which matched perfectly with her tomboyish character in the kdrama.


korea korean drama kdrama hwarang actress go ara's hairstyles short hair ccurl hair for girls kpopstuff
Short Bob

During her press conference and other public appearances, however, she was seen with a more sophisticated hairstyle. This proves just how versatile and easy-to style short hair* can be, contrary to popular belief!


Well, has Go Ara (or Go Ara’s hairstyles) captured your heart yet?

If you want to see Korean actress Go Ara’s latest hairstyle change-up, check her out in the historical Kdrama : Hwarang



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