We all at times want what we don’t have, and it seems to be the same with hair. Those with straight hair want curls and curly haired ladies want sleek, straight hair. For those curly-haired gals who are tired of their tangled curls, here’s an appreciation post for you!

These Korean kpop idols and actresses are always changing up their styles and trying something totally different. From curly to afro, these hairstyles are sure to remind you that curly hair can be a blessing!

kpop girl group korean girls generation snsd tts tiffany curly wavy hair for girls kpopstuff

Girls Generation/SNSD – Tiffany

Who can resist that eye smile, and that amber colored hairstyle


kpop idol group miss a suzy kdrama actress curly hair permed hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

Miss A – Suzy

Suzy takes the concept of a wild-hearted tomboy in this High Cut photoshoot. The nation’s first love sure does look good in anything!


kpop idol girl group korean kdrama actress im yoona curly wavy hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

Girls Generation/SNSD – Yoona

Im Yoona looks like some chaebol daughter in this picture *0*


korean solo singer kpop ailee curly wavy permed hair hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

Korean singer – Ailee

Ailee’s powerful vocals are paired with this powerful hairstyle and we are just.. blown away  >.<


korean girl group kpop rania member alex alexandra reid curly wavy afro hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

Rania – Alex

Being the first ever African American Kpop idol, Alexandra Reid (aka Alex) has been in the spotlight and gained praise (as well as criticism) from others. Her curly hairstyles suits her style and reminds us of the powerful statement that being true to yourself is always the most important.


Korean solo singer IU curly wavy hair permed hairstyle for girls kpopstuff nations little sister

Korean Singer – IU

Formerly known as the nation’s little sister, IU has matured into a great actress, as seen in her latest drama Moon Lovers, opposite Lee Jun Ki.


korean kdrama actress kmovie han ye seul curly wavy permed hair hairstyles for girls women kpopstuff

Korean Actress – Han Ye Seul

Although Han Ye Seul has called it quits with her longtime boyfriend and YG producer Teddy (.ㅠㅠ.), we know she’ll come back fiercer than ever in her new drama~


korean kdrama actress song hye kyo descendants of the sun curly wavy permed hair hairstyles for girls women kpopstuff

Korean Actress – Song Hye Kyo

The Descendants of the Sun star was loved by all with her performance as strong-willed Dr. Kang Mo Yeon, and recently shot this pictorial with High Cut.

Curly hair truly is beautiful, so don’t let anyone else tell you what to do with your hair~ and keep rocking those curls!


Written by Yooj