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It’s finally happened! The moment we’ve all been waiting for – SM trainee Johnny’s debut! Johnny caught the eyes of many awaiting SMROOKIES debut back a million years ago, and fans have been (almost) patiently waiting to see him in a group.

NCT 127 dropped their latest single, Limitless, which includes new NCT 127 members Doyoung and Johnny. Boy are we glad Johnny finally debuted~

As tribute to Johnny’s  long awaited debut to the entertainment industry, let’s look at his hairstyle shown in the MV(cuz there’s also a performance and rough ver.) and during Limitless promotions.

korea korean kpop idol boy band group nct 127 johnny middle part long two block haircut hairstyles for guys kpopstuff
NCT – Johnny
in Limitless Concept Photo

Well first of all, his FASHION is just… so on point! (but we’ll get to that in another post for another day)  Anyways, Johnny’s hair is parted using The Middle Part here, and this brings attention symmetrical features (a very smart move, stylists).


Johnny utilizes many different Hair-Parting Styles. In all three pictures below, he uses the 7:3 part, which emphasizes his sharp facial features.

7:3 part with hair styled away from face
korea korean kpop idol boy band group nct 127 johnny limitless mv long bob hair hairstyles for guys kpopstuff
7:3 part styled down

korea korean kpop idols boy band group nct nct127 long bob haircut johnny limitless two block haircut hairstyles for guys kpopstuff



Johnny’s Bandana Hair

Hey, hey, hey! I see this Bandana Hairstyle, Johnny~ This bandana style matches the sporty outfits shown in the Limitless MV.


If you’ve read our previous posts, you might’ve noticed that Johnny’s hairstyle shown here is a longer version of  The Two-Block Cut.

His hairstyles might remind you of WINNER Nam Tae Hyun’s* signature hairstyle, or even GDragon’s recent haircut in Big Bang’s two latest MV‘s, and it does seem to have some similarities. It seems the 90s trends are coming back~



For More Two-Block Hairstyles – SMTM5 Simon D’s Two-Block Cut

For Nam Tae Hyun’s Signature Hair – The Middle Part




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