IU’s Short Hairstyles

IU just dropped “Autumn Morning” today, which was a sweet gift for her fans! Happy ninth anniversary to IU and UAENA! This song is just a preview for what’s to come! We’re all going to splurge when her remake comes out! In celebration of IU’s chart-topping release, we’ll be going over her famous bob hairstyles! A lot of female idols, including IU herself, like to stick to long, flowing hair to keep their feminine image. In fact, IU’s signature “innocent” look that labeled her as the “Nation’s little sister” is her long, dark, and wavy hair. IU still champions her long hair, but she’s had a ton of shorter hairstyles too! From straight to wavy, to bangs and no bangs, we’ve got a nice variety to look at! Let’s look through a lookbook of a bunch of IU’s Short Hairstyles!

IU’s Short Hairstyles


This picture here shows the very basic look out of the various options of IU’s short hairstyles! She has her hair cropped so that it just barely touches her shoulders, and she sweeps her hair to the side. This one’s another simple and innocent look that definetely looks like an IU signature!


Here, IU’s cropped her hair so that it just meets at her chin. I personally think this is a great length. It’s officially a bob now, but it isn’t anything that’s crazy short. Unlike what you might think, you CAN pull it back when you want! IU added in really soft C-Curls at the ends of her hair, which add a lot of volume and style!

Cropped and Colorful

Maybe it’s just the dress pattern that she’s wearing in this picture, but her look here is so fun and quirky.  We’re seeing cropped, straight hair that flies out a bit at the ends, and curled wisp bangs that frame her face. You haven’t noticed the best part: she’s got COLORED bobby pins that are holding the rest of her hair back! I haven’t seen colored bobby pins in a while! We all try to make the pins look less obvious and get one that matches our hair color, but IU might be on to something here! I want to give this a go sometime!


On to IU’s signature “Palette” hairstyle! Half of Korea must have gotten this style the moment Palette dropped. Just like last time, we’ve got it just barely touching her shoulders again, only now she’s curled them a bit. She has a really soft wave going throughout her hair, and the ends of her hair kind of poof and curl inwards. It gives a great soft grunge and retro vibe!

Wet and Gelled

We’re going into the photoshoot zone now! I’m pretty sure that idols always have to do the wet hairstyle for their photshoots. It’s literally all that we see in magazines. Or, that’s what if feels like. At least it’s an iconic style that never looks bad! The hair isn’t exactly “wet,” but it’s that or “heavily gelled,” and “wet” sounds less painful. Either way, I always love a good “heavily gelled” hairstyle with the parting ends! I don’t know if I’d ever step up to the challenge and do it myself, though.

Curled and Cute

A GIF to brighten your day and make me feel tech-savvy! IU’s got her see-through bangs here again, which frame her face, and she’s got her barely-to-the-shoulder bob. This time, she’s got a straight-out perm instead of soft curls. Since she has a half-back hairstyle here, the frizzy curls make her look a lot younger!

Autumn Cropped

  I just love everything about this picture. Since it’s fall right now, I really want to be wearing the exact same sweater with that exact same hairstyle, but then reality hits that I’m not IU. Sighs. I love the length here though, and the fact that her hair’s straight. Curls kind of make a hairstyle look softer, but straight, cropped hair weirdly has that “edgy” vibe that I love. Her headband too! I love it. She’s got very few bangs, but since her headband is so thick, it all just balances out somehow.


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