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3 See Through Bangs Tips From EUNJI, SUZY, HYOSEONG

See Through Bangs are a huge trend in Korea, and it’s seen on women celebrities to create different and unique looks. Blunt bangs were big in Asia before, but now see through bangs have taken over the Hallyu wave. Known for softening the facial features with thin layers of wispy bangs, this hairstyle is very different from the edgy, blunt-bang look. Here we’ll learn three see through bangs styling tips from the goddesses themselves: Eunji, Suzy, Hyoseong.

3 Different See Through Bangs Looks


Jung Eunji

korea korean kpop idol girl band group apink jung eunji see through bangs styling tips bang hairstyles girls women kpopstuff
Apink’s Eunji

Jung Eunji’s see through bang hairstyle has a natural feel and emphasizes her maturity. Her see through bangs show a little bit of her forehead, and it’s cut to a length a little longer than her eyebrows. Both sides of her hair are cut a little longer than the center to naturally fade out to the sides of her head. While Eunji’s see through bangs are initially cut across in a straight line, a slight curl is added for a more natural look.


Bae Suzy

korea korean kpop idol girl band group miss a suzy bae see through bangs styling tips bang looks hairstyles women girls kpopstuff
Miss A’s Bae Suzy

Suzy shows off her feminine charm through this see through bang hairstyle. Unlike her debut bang look, which emphasized her chubby cheeks, this bang look shows off her forehead to complete a feminine image.

Suzy uses a 5:5 ratio hair part with her see through bangs, placing a small amount of bangs at the center, cutting it into a length just over the eyes, and letting it flow naturally along the lines of her face. Suzy utilizes the natural volume in her bangs into two looks: one tailored to short hair and the other two wavy hair. If you cut your bangs so that they’re long enough to tuck behind your ear, you can choose to hide or reveal your forehead and go for two very different styles (like Suzy).


Jun Hyoseong

korea korean kpop idol girl band group secret hyoseong see through bangs styling tips curl permed bang hairstyles girls women kpopstuff
SECRET’s Jun Hyoseong

By giving the ends of her bangs a natural C-curled wave, Hyoseong shows off a more youthful look. Her see through bangs are cut to a length right above her ear and slightly curled.

Curling the ends of your see through bangs has the effect of making them look shorter than they actually are, which produces a cuter image. A curl can be made with thick hair rollers on dry hair, and it can also be produced by an iron.

All of Hyoseong’s hair was given bold waves, which gives off a feminine and cheerful vibe. By dyeing her hair a brown and not a bright, eye-catching color, Hyoseong also emphasize a natural look. 


What do you think of these three see through bangs styling tips? Let us know in the comments who YOU think has the BEST SEE THROUGH BANGS LOOK!


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