kpop korean boy band group exo chanyeol's tommy hilfiger fashion best dressed 2017 fall show with designer tommy hilfiger mens guys fashion style casual jacket plaid

EXO Chanyeol’s Tommy Hilfiger Fashion : The Best Dressed

It’s not uncommon for Kpop idols to be sponsored by big name brands like Gucci and Burberry, but to be named The Best Dressed at a Tommy Hilfiger show by the designer himself is another matter. Tommy Hilfiger has tweeted about this Kpop superstar and has only compliments for EXO Chanyeol’s Tommy Hilfiger fashion.


kpop korean boy band group exo chanyeol's tommy hilfiger fashion best dressed at 2017 fall show casual style mens guys fashion main

Chanyeol’s Tommy Hilfiger fashion is very casual and street-friendly, much like the brand’s image. Chanyeol pairs a simple combination of a plain T-shirt and dark pants with an unbuttoned, plaid-patterned shirt made of flannel material. Over this, he puts on a light, perfect-for-fall jacket with bold-colored detailing at the ends. I found that there is some inspiration seen from GOT7 Mark’s Airport Fashion Looks  with the simple and chic layering done to complete this outfit.


The color combinations Chanyeol wears in his outfit may remind us of Block B’s Retro Kitsch Fashion,  which take it back to old school with its bold mix of orange, red, and black hues. We see a dark navy jacket, dark pants, black shoes. Red/orange detailing, red/white flannel, white T-shirt, and grey socks. Chanyeol’s Tommy Hilfiger fashion carefully groups colors of the same family to make a completed, easy-on-the-eyes outfit.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group exo chanyeol's tommy hilfiger fashion 2017 fall show best dressed with celebs and models casual jacket plaid street style men guys

Chanyeol fits right in with this models with the matching sporty/casual street outfits and bold colors. It looks like Chanyeol had a great time in the States, representing a whole new generation of Kpop idols who are slowly but surely making big names in the fashion industry! We can’t wait to hear more of Chanyeol’s fashion opportunities with fashion’s famous designers, even outside of Korea!


What do YOU think about styling BOLD colors into your outfits? Tell us your comments, questions, or concerns down below!


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Source: Vogue Korea

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