Samuel’s “Sixteen” Album Teaser Images

I know that we’re a fashion and hair blog, but sometimes a fan has to get the promo! Samuel’s finally going to debut after what seems like forever, and “excited” is an understatement of how I’m feeling.  His debut date is set for August 2nd, so mark your calendars! It’s coming in less that three days! If you can’t wait, remember to follow his instagram @bravpunxh for updates on his MV filming and our favorite MV spoilers! Since his debut is so close, yet so far, I wanted to share his updated teasers so that we all wait and suffer together. Enjoy the short gallery of all of Samuel’s “Sixteen” Album Teaser Images! And make sure to check out his MV when it releases!


I have to say, I love his turtleneck, even though it’s 90-ish degrees right now. Anything for fashion, right?

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