NU’EST Jonghyun’s Comma Hairstyle in Produce 101

NU’EST just had a comeback as NUE’ST W, since Minhyun isn’t taking part, with “If You.” It topped a ton of national music charts, which was definetely a heatwearming moment for the members. To comemorate NU’EST’s newfound success, we’ll be looking at one of the NU’EST W and Produce 101 contestant’s hair, Jonghyun! He was a fan-favorite, but, like other well-deserving trainees, he was somehow eliminated during the last episode of Produce 101. In addition to his kind personality and great leadership skills, a lot of fans fell for his flower-boy visuals! His “Comma Hairstyle” also became a hot topic amongst Korean fans, so we’ll be looking at that today. Here’s the short lookbook of NU’EST Jonghyun’s Comma Hairstyle!

NU’EST Jonghyun’s Comma Hairstyle in Produce 101

As you can see from the images above, Jonghyun’s Comma Hairstyle kind of varies from time to time. Sometimes, his bangs are curled inwards more than others. Other times, the curl is a bit more loose, or it’s curled outwards. Of course, that could be because of performing as well. One thing that always stays the same is the fact that his “Comma” is always on the left half of his face. Putting the comma off to the side gives off a more sophisticated look, as opposed to having a comma in the middle of the forehead.

Jonghyun also usually has a couple of waves or curls in his hair, but in the last image, he keeps most of his hair straight. This really just shows how versatile the “Comma Hairstyle” really is! You can try out some of Jonghyun’s styles, but don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

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