PRODUCE 101 Kim Samuel’s Two-Block Hair

Produce 101 came to a (pretty disappointing) close about a month ago. There was some good and bad moments, through which Wanna One was formed. One of the most internationally popular trainees, Kim Samuel, wasn’t able to make the cut for the final lineup. That was pretty shocking for both his fans and himself, since he was probably one of the more talented trainees. But, he definetely showed his talents and charms through the show, attracting even more fans domestically and internationally! He may have not been able to join Wanna One’s lineup, but despite all the biases and injustices he and many other trainees faced, it looks like there’s still some brighter days ahead for him! He’ll be releasing his new album, “SIXTEEN” on August 2nd, and we can’t wait for his debut!

From the beginning to the very end of the show, Samuel had a nice variety of hair colors and styles. He’s had brown, blonde, and silver lilac hair. He’s switched up his hairstyles just a bit each time, but he’s stuck to mostly a down part or a deep two-block cut. Since two-block hairstyles are all the rage right now, I decided to do a really short gallery on Samuel’s Two-Block cuts!

PRODUCE 101 Kim Samuel’s Two-Block Cuts

For his first teaser images, he had a deep, messy two-block cut. His bangs are styled in a messier way, while his hair in the back is slicked into a cleaner block. His headband also helps keeps things more interesting!


For his “Get Ugly” performance, Samuel had almost the exact same two-block cut. The only difference is that his bangs are side-swept and pulled down, and his hair is blonde. Since his hair color is so bright, there wasn’t a need for a hair accessory like his bandana from before!


Here, Samuel changed his hair color back to a light brown, and his hairstyle was changed just a bit. His bangs were grown a bit longer so that half of his bangs were tucked behind his ears and the other half was swept towards his forehead!


 Another hair color change! He re-dyed his hair a cool lilac tone, which gave him a pretty exotic look. He had the same two-block, only this time he swept all his bangs in the same direction, tucked under his ear.


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